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New York lawmakers have until June 30 to decide whether they want to extend mayoral control and, if so, for how long. If they decide not to extend they will have to come up with a new system, as few lawmakers seem interested in returning to the school board structure that existed prior to 2002.

Many of those who testified at the virtual hearing earlier this month said they were dissatisfied with the current system and called on policymakers for something new, including United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew and New York City Public Advocate Jumanee Williams. Of the nine respondents to a City Limits survey, eight said they opposed mayoral control of schools. Only one said he favored the extension of such mayoral control.

«The problem is that the mayor basically appoints a two-thirds majority of school board members,» Sheppard said. «How do the people he appoints hold the people he appoints accountable for anything? We’ve just seen a system that basically does whatever it wants and feels it doesn’t have to answer to anybody.»

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Distance learning allows students, teachers, and educational content to stay connected when they are not physically present. Here are some ways technology enables distance learning and why schools should consider remote access software.

Distance learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to stay connected to each other from the comfort and safety of their homes. Students and teachers can use their devices at home to stay connected to each other and to the lesson content.

Virtual classroom tools allow teachers to deliver live lectures while giving students the opportunity to interact with each other in isolated groups similar to a classroom environment. Collaborative software allows students to work together on a file in real time and provides an easy way to access and share files among multiple users.

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Fig. 4 Sorption of fluoride in well water at different pH values. Calcined and granular bone. In order to know the sorption capacity of granular and calcined bone, different tests were performed, both in deionized water and in water from the «Victoria Catchment» wells. The concentration of residual fluoride under different contact time intervals, both with calcined bone and granular bone, is shown in Figure 5. In it, a faster response in fluoride removal is observed with calcined bone than with granular bone.

Fig.5 Fluoride sorption behavior using 20 g/l of granular bone and calcined bone. In 5 minutes of contact time with bone charcoal the fluoride adsorption was 2.5 mgF/l, going from 7.36 to 5.01 mgF/l (34%), while for the same contact time with granular bone a removal of 0.96 mgF/l was obtained, representing 13% of fluoride removed. These results are better than those reported by (Padmasiri et al. 1995) for contact time intervals of less than 60 min. With granular bone the fluoride was removed 18% (1.33 mgF/l), with 10 minutes of contact time, it is possible to remove up to 37% after 180 minutes, however it is not possible to reach equilibrium for such times. As can be seen using the same amount of granular and calcined bone (20 g/l) the granular bone showed a lower sorption capacity than the calcined bone (Fig. 6). The equilibrium is not clearly defined after a contact time interval of 3 hours.

Mental health in students after the pandemic

Created for the formation of professionals of the 21st century, it is based on the rich pedagogical tradition of the Model School, based on the fundamental principle of respect for the person. This is conceived as a being in relationship, which is constituted in life and for life, through dialogue, service and qualities towards the human and natural environment.

To this end, our university fosters an environment of tolerance that allows the richness of the diversity of thoughts and feelings in ideas, beliefs and customs, without undermining the ethical coexistence and school order and discipline that facilitate individual and community growth. The University maintains as a seal of identity secularism, a fundamental pedagogical principle that guarantees freedom of conscience from which the human rights and individual and social guarantees of the entire democratic and pluralistic community are derived.

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you most cordially to this, your house of studies, and to convey to you my highest commitment to work so that you may find here the ideal space where you can develop your academic and personal formation.