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NJIT offers 52 undergraduate majors (bachelor of science/arts) and 67 graduate programs (master’s and doctoral).[16][17] Through its Honors College, it also offers professional programs in Health and Law in collaboration with nearby institutions, such as Rutgers Medical School and Seton Hall Law School.[18][19] Cross-registration with Rutgers University-Newark, which borders its campus, is also available. NJIT is ranked among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity.”[20] It operates the Big Bear Solar Observatory, the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (both in California), and a suite of automated observatories in Antarctica, South America, and the U.S.[21] NJIT is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (ATS).

NJIT is a member of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, a Sea Grant College, a Space Grant college and a member of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.[25] It has participated in the McNair Scholars Program since 1999.[26] With 20 varsity teams, the NCAA Division I Highlanders compete primarily in the America East Conference.

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In the United States the word “school” describes any place where learning takes place. The term can apply to a university, an English language institute, a graduate program or a high school.

The U.S. university system also has what is known as a “summer session”. These courses tend to have more concentrated class hours, so a summer session can be comprised of three to eight weeks.

Institutions that use the semester system usually offer elective summer courses. The trimester system does not have summer sessions, since one of the trimesters begins precisely at the end of that season, but in universities with a quarter system, it is mandatory, since they count the summer session as one of their periods.

In almost all colleges and universities there is a 2 to 3 week vacation, which begins in mid-December. Some institutions also have a one-week vacation in March or April (“spring holiday”).


The next generation of our country, of our state, requires leaders and Americans well equipped to lead us into the future. The Education Freedom Plan is not just an investment in our youth, it is an investment in sustaining this country’s prosperous future.

Americans need jobs, especially post-pandemic, and not just any jobs. We need factory jobs but good paying jobs. The Revive America Plan aims to bring good-paying manufacturing jobs to inner-city opportunity zones across America. Under The Revive America Plan manufacturers will have the ability to purchase unused abandoned factories in opportunity zones and receive a tax break for renovating the buildings until they are functioning properly, as well as for hiring employees within these zones.

That’s why, as your Congressman, I will work with local businesses, spiritual and religious establishments, medical professionals and charities to help our homeless veterans get the love, support, employment and mental health they deserve.

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to connect parents and the community with the information they need. we have seen that there are a lot of studies Latino students have to do their own study to understand how to pay and prepare for college if their parents because they did not 250 tie the information, myself, my parents did not go to college, my dad went later, we are in the same time I had to go, I knew I was going to go to college, mixed my parents said you are going to go, but they did not find the information for how to pay for it. they always supported me, but i had to find the information. that is the application, federa to apply for aid ends rations i did it myself, and i had to ask, you need this income information and everything. it was extremely difficult. >>mario sol: do you think that universities in particular should develop programs focused on parents? >>> yes i think so. there aren’t many because you have to think if they have finished high school that there is information for many of us, the conversation around the table, about education, about the importance of education.