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Each family is evaluated on the basis of financial need after completing the FAFSA. Academic scholarships are available for U.S. students enrolled full-time and for international students with 3.0 or higher on a cumulative normal grade point average (minimum SAT/ACT scores may apply).

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION The University of Tampa is committed to educating and preparing students for the demands of the 21st century (21). There is a diversity of students (representing all 50 states and 140 countries) which creates a dynamic environment in which to live and learn. Language study, study abroad, international guest lectures, global content courses, participation in the Harvard Model United Nations, and simulations in international content courses are just a few of the many ways that will connect you with people from around the world and from other cultures.

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Chihuahua students will be able to study at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), one of the best in that state of the American Union, thanks to a collaboration agreement to be signed by the Secretary of Education and Sports of the State Government.

The announcement was made during the conference “UTEP: a look into the future”, given by Dr. Heather Wilson, president of the Texas university, who spoke about the benefits that young Chihuahuenses can have by accessing a scholarship of this type.

The event was held at the Technology Hub facilities, where the speaker explained to the Colegio de Bachilleres (Cobach) students present that in order to access this benefit they must have a GPA above 9.6.

The Undersecretary of Education and Sports in the northern region, Maurilio Fuentes Estrada, said that the agreement with UTEP will be signed next week, so they are looking for students from Cobach, Conalep, Cecytech and the rest of the high schools in the state, who have the profile to receive the benefit.

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Graduates on stage with speaker, Dr. T. Robert Przeklasa, Jr., during the first CINC commencement ceremony at Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage on June 6, 2021. Photo by Eric Montanez courtesy of California Indian Nations College

Tribal colleges provide culturally relevant education for Native students. But in California, they face an uphill battle due to lack of funding and a lengthy accreditation process.

Victoria Chubb was supposed to study photography at a college in New Mexico after graduating from high school in Riverside County, but she was afraid to be far from home.

Supporters of California’s new tribal colleges hope they can help more Native American students like Chubb return to higher education, or keep them from dropping out of school in the first place.

In Chubb’s family, neither of his parents earned a college degree, but today higher education has become a family affair. Counting on her fingers, Chubb runs through a long list of sisters, cousins and nieces who have followed in her footsteps at CINC.

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According to figures analyzed by ExcelenciaCertainly half of Latino students are the first to go to college in their families. And nearly half of them qualify for federal Pell Grants, money earmarked only for those with the greatest financial need. Meanwhile, barely one in five white students are first-generation and about one in three qualify for Pell Grants.

Francisco X. Gaytan, administrator at Northeastern Illinois UniversityMeet them where they are. If you really believe that America is a country where you can get ahead, then this is the prototypical American university. But you have to invest in it.”

Vanessa Sansone, a professor at the University of Texas, San AntonioIt’s incumbent on these institutions to be at the forefront of this … because these are the needs they’re going to have anyway.”