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The Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration seeks on the one hand to offer a solid training close to the professional world, and on the other hand, to help students acquire the attitudes and skills that will allow them to work in a globalized and dynamic world and adapt to a very competitive and constantly changing environment, such as the economic one.

Compulsory internships in companies and a wide range of complementary activities organized by the Faculty (Economic and Business News Program, Professionals in the Classroom, Employment Forum, Professional Opportunities, visits to companies, participation in different university competitions promoted by companies, etc.) allow students to have close contact with the business world and also help them to orient their professional future while they study.

Students who so wish can also complement, in a comfortable way, their training by combining the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management with those of: Marketing and Commercial Management, Economics, Business Intelligence, Law, Pharmacy or Information Systems Engineering.

Best universities in the world

August 3 is the International Day of Family Planning, something that has to do with birth control in the sexually active population through the use of contraceptive methods, according to their interests and circumstances of an economic, social and personal nature.

Dr. Olga Lidia Revilla Vidal, coordinator of the educational component of the Maternal and Child Health Program, reported on the activities planned for World Breastfeeding Week 2022.

The Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) celebrated this Thursday, in Havana, the graduation of 822 students, 799 of them foreign, graduates of the 2021-2022 academic year in the different faculties of the University of Medical Sciences of Havana (UCMH).

Latin American School of Medicine: Main Editor : Latin American School of Medicine : Carretera Panamericana Km 3 1/2, Playa, Havana, 19108, Cuba : Tel: +53 201 4343, Office hours:  Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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The Catholic University of America is a place where in addition to learning about the world around you, you will make friends for life, and meet community members who will help you achieve your career goals. Here are some profiles of our Hispanic members who enrich our community.

The Catholic University of America is dedicated to providing information, resources and support services that respond to the needs of every member of our campus. We welcome, value and believe in our Dreamers and other immigrant members of our community.

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Founded in 1746, initially as the College of New Jersey, it is currently the most important private university in the United States and a member of the Ivy League, a prestigious academic association to which the most renowned American universities belong.

Located in the city of Princeton, in the state of New Jersey, just halfway between the cities of New York and Philadelphia. It has an extensive campus with easily accessible residence buildings within walking distance of each other.

It has a population of more than 6,500 students from all over the United States and from more than 57 foreign countries. International students (5% of the total student population) are provided with on-campus advising services. 892 academic faculties and a large library with more than 5 million books are some of the references of this important house of studies.

Princenton University offers academic programs for undergraduate and graduate studies in the following areas of knowledge: Humanities, Arts, Architecture, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences.