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The origins of the AUR (the official acronym for the American University of Rome) begin shortly after World War II when David Colin, an American journalist who was in Italy before and during the war, settled in Rome. During this period, Colin helped foster cultural exchanges between American professors and students visiting Rome and their Italian counterparts. As time goes on, the talks held in his home become more and more formalized into elaborate lectures and well-structured classes. Colin is assisted in this task by his wife Joan Carpenter.[3] Colin is assisted in this task by his wife Joan Carpenter.[3] Colin is assisted by his wife Joan Carpenter.

Giorgio Tesoro, an Italian who having left his homeland in 1940 in protest against Mussolini’s fascist regime, begins to collaborate with Colin. As the program develops, The American University of Rome became a reality when it was established in 1969 in Washington D.C. with its academic headquarters in Rome, Italy.

The campus includes two gardens centered between the main buildings A, B, and Evans Hall Library. Computer labs are distributed throughout the A, Carini, and Evans Hall Library buildings, offering WiFi service that extends to both gardens and terraces throughout the University.[5] The campus is located in the main campus.

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The American curriculum offers a broad and balanced educational approach, supported by a wide variety of co-curricular activities that equip all students with the necessary skills in all subjects. All American schools are based on a high level of achievement and, as a result, the American curriculum is one of the most widely used and studied in international schools. The certification is not only accepted for admission to all American universities, but is also increasingly accepted by universities around the world.


El Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional de España y la Oficina de Educación de la Embajada de España en Washington, D.C., patrocinan un programa de Asistentes de Lengua y Cultura Española para escuelas primarias, secundarias y preparatorias y para universidades con Centros de Recursos de Español patrocinados por el Ministerio de Educación.

Este programa ofrece a los estudiantes estadounidenses la oportunidad de aprender la lengua y la cultura españolas de la mano de hablantes nativos. Del mismo modo, los asistentes españoles tendrán la oportunidad de conocer la cultura estadounidense, mejorar su dominio del inglés y utilizar sus conocimientos a su regreso a España, contribuyendo así a desarrollar el entendimiento cultural entre ambos países.