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Access Archaeology ha sido concebido para poner la investigación arqueológica al alcance de todos y presentar una solución de publicación de bajo coste (o sin coste) para académicos de todo el mundo. El material abarca desde monografías, actas de congresos, catálogos de material arqueológico, informes de excavaciones, tesis doctorales y mucho más.

Pulse aquí para saber más sobre la publicación en Access Archaeology.NUEVO: K’awiil: El dios maya del rayo, la abundancia y los gobernantes por Rogelio Valencia Rivera. Rústica; 276 x 203 mm; 242 páginas; 167 figuras, 4 tablas (en color); texto en español. 157 2022 Paris Monographs in American Archaeology 55. ISBN 9781803272375. 45,00 libras (sin IVA).

Rogelio Valencia Rivera es licenciado en Ciencias por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y doctor en Historia con especialidad en Antropología Americana por la Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Forma parte del Proyecto Arqueológico Calakmul desde 2008. Está especializado en epigrafía, iconografía, historia y religión maya y mesoamericana, con especial énfasis en el análisis de la relación entre texto e imagen en las representaciones plásticas prehispánicas.

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UAC’s student body represents more than 50 countries.[2] Faculty members, adjunct faculty, and visiting professors come from various parts of the globe and include academics, business professionals, diplomats, journalists, writers, and other professionals from the United States, Egypt, and other countries.[1]

The university holds institutional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and Egypt’s National Authority for Quality Assurance and Assessment of Education (NAQAAE).[3] The university is a member of the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

The American University in Cairo was founded in 1919 by the American Mission to Egypt, a Protestant mission that moved from the North American country to North Africa promoted by the United Presbyterian Church of North America in order to establish an English-language institution in Egypt.[4] The AAU was initially intended to be both a preparatory school and a university at the same time. The preparatory school opened its doors to 142 students on October 5, 1920 in the Khairy Pasha Palace, which was built in the 1860s. The first diplomas issued were university level certificates to twenty students in 1923.[5][6][6] The first diplomas issued were university level certificates to twenty students in 1923.

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