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It is also a founding member and president of the “Fundación Franjeada”, which seeks sporting triumphs through strategic and self-sustainable planning, in order to obtain positive benefits for the club and its future. The current Board of Directors of Club Olimpia, through an agreement signed in the course of 2013, places its trust in the Fundación Franjeada to execute the “Plan de Desarrollo de las Divisiones Formativas del Club Olimpia” (Development Plan for the Formative Divisions of Club Olimpia). Thus, the Foundation assumes the control and general administration of the Formative Divisions of Club Olimpia until December 2015.

Previously, it had already worked in the “Olimpia Tradition” movement for the 2011-2012 cycle, when the applicant was Marcelo Recanate, together with Marcos Caner, having resigned early due to differences with him, at that time, president of the entity.

In July 2014, together with the Proyecto Olimpia movement, Trovato was awarded the victory in the elections held during the club’s assembly, thus becoming the new head of the institution. Trovato obtained an overwhelming majority of votes over the other candidate, engineer Arnaldo Decoud, with a difference of 1297 votes to 209, with a participation of 53% of the eligible members. Trovato succeeds Óscar Carísimo Netto as president of the club.[1] Trovato is the new president.

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Gobernar: Revista de Políticas Públicas y Gobernanza de América Latina es una revista semestral, de acceso abierto y revisada por pares, que se centra en la publicación de artículos originales que presenten investigaciones cualitativas o cuantitativas, estudios de caso, artículos de encuesta, estudios de pedagogía efectiva, marco conceptual, modelos analíticos e investigaciones empíricas, así como reseñas de libros. Gobernar pretende construir un debate sobre la gobernanza fuera de los contextos tradicionales de los estados fuertes y las sociedades bien ordenadas. Se solicita la presentación de trabajos que tengan relevancia latinoamericana o importancia para los latinoamericanistas de todo el mundo. La revista está dedicada a la difusión de artículos de investigación de la amplia gama de disciplinas relacionadas con las Políticas Públicas y la Gobernanza. Su objetivo es proporcionar una plataforma intelectual para los estudiosos de esos campos.

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Exclusive master’s degree that provides students with a global vision of the company, acquiring the skills most in demand today by the management of the same: Resource management and development of work in digital and changing environments. Preparation for the most demanded certifications: Projects (PMP, PSM), logistics (CSCP) and Quality (GREEN BELT).

With the Master’s Degree in Engineering in Organization, Project Management and Business of the European University you will learn to efficiently manage decision-making in the operations and processes that support an organization from a global point of view: organizational, economic, commercial, logistical and technological. It is an innovative program because it incorporates the new methodologies Scrum, Design Thinking, Agile, Big Data, PMBOK, Lean Startup and prepares you for the certifications of Project Management Professional (PMP), Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).

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They have been a great support along the way. The way you handled the follow-up process was EXCELLENT, as a team you are the best, you have an enviable human quality! Thank you so much for being there to support us, there was never a “no”.

My life changed when I started studying in the United States because I had to learn to be an independent person, I learned to live with another type of culture that I was used to and it is something that I feel is good, I was able to finish maturing and growing.

My experience with the team has been excellent and a great help during the whole process. BK2’s work has greatly influenced my college process and the constant support has given me more confidence in myself and my applications, I hope it continues like this!

My process with BK2 has been excellent, they helped me from start to finish and I didn’t have to worry about anything. They advise you on absolutely everything and the truth is that I am very grateful to them. The service they provide is very good.