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A Pell Grant refund payment was processed today for students who took summer courses and met the requirements. The deposit should be posted on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

One remaining ARP grant payment was processed today. This payment is due to all students who received the first ARP scholarship payment ($1,300) during this second semester 2021-2022. The deposit should be reflected on Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Payment was processed today for Work-Study Program students who were active during the summer term. The deposit should be reflected on Wednesday, July 6, 2022.

The Financial Aid Program Office is committed to contribute to the achievement of the academic and professional goals of the students of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao by providing financial support within available resources. The funds we administer in the Financial Aid Office come from federal, state institutional and private sources. Assistance is offered through scholarships, student loans and the Work-Study program. With this student support exercise, we seek to meet the student’s financial need within the available resources, the student’s willingness to request services, and the adjustment of the new financial aid mechanisms that are developed.

Intec scholarships

The scholarship system of the Catholic University of Cuenca, is constituted to promote and stimulate the academic development of students who benefit from scholarships, ensuring equal opportunities in the process of higher education training and supporting students of limited economic resources, high performance athletes, people with disabilities, people belonging to the peoples and nationalities of Ecuador; Ecuadorian citizens abroad and returned or deported migrants on condition that they accredit academic performance levels regulated by each institution and Ecuadorian citizens abroad, through the granting of full or partial scholarships in accordance with current regulations.

The Catholic University of Cuenca will grant total or partial scholarships to regular students who can document a lack or insufficiency of economic resources. The allocation of the percentage will be made through a socioeconomic analysis of the family group, for which the applicant must submit the following requirements:

Ucr scholarship regulations

Family obligations present another challenge for Hispanic students. A 2014 National Journal survey found that two-thirds of Hispanic women and men who sought full-time work or joined the military after completing high school expressed doing so to financially help their loved ones. In comparison, only 39% of white women and men who did not attend college said the same.

However, many schools classify undocumented students as «aliens,» which removes their ability to be eligible for federal financial aid and reduced in-state tuition rates.

Read our Guide for Undocumented Students in Higher Education to learn more about the various resources available to help this population pursue higher education.

Students in the U.S. must be classified as permanent residents before they can receive financial aid. Most immigrants obtain permanent residency by applying for a Green Card, but current laws stipulate that undocumented citizens cannot do that; instead, they must leave the U.S. and apply for permanent residency from the consulate of their home country.

Types of ucr scholarships

Each scholarship and financial aid package has specific criteria, and eligibility is reviewed on a case-by-case basis for those students who have completed their application. Students may also be eligible for loans offered in their home country.

These scholarships vary in amount and duration. Eligibility is reviewed on a case-by-case basis for those students who have completed their application. Please note that scholarships cannot be combined.

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding IB students with a minimum score of 28 points. Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and a 500-word essay describing their motivation for studying Hotel Management at Les Roches.

20% scholarship (of tuition fees for the entire program): awarded to students who obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum grade of 32 points (or equivalent). Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation and a 500-word essay describing their motivation for studying Hotel Management at Les Roches. The availability of this scholarship is subject to an annual cap at all Les Roches locations.