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«There is no doubt that the evaluator, whoever he may be, must be evaluated and that one of the inalienable ways in which the university can exercise this function is through the freedom of its faculties.»

[4] I. Ordorika and M. Lloyd 2013. A decade of international university rankings: a critical perspective from Latin American. In P. Marope, P. Wells and E. Hazelkorn (eds.). Rankings and Accountability in Higher Education: Uses and Misuses. Paris: UNESCO.

[6] The most detailed official definition of «quality» comes in the Higher Education Law enacted on October 12, 2010. Title V defines in ambiguous but complex terms the «principle of quality» (art. 93), and then limits its evaluation to the determination of «the conditions of the institution, degree program or academic program» (art. 94). It highlights the lack of an evaluation of higher education as a complex process inserted in a broader social framework, restricting the evaluation to institutional conditions that are important but insufficient. As we will see in what follows, this limitation frames the CEAACES evaluation process and model.

ECTS credits

The credits obtained by the student by taking the subjects of the master are ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System). One ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 hours of student work in all the activities necessary for their training. Therefore, the 60 ECTS credits of the master’s degree are equivalent to 1500 hours of student work in all the activities that compose it. These activities are face-to-face and non-face-to-face or autonomous.

Virtual Campus with its communicative tools (discussion forums, mail), reading texts and documents, exposition of works, self-evaluation, electronic resources for consultation and study, watching videos, reading and study of the lessons explained and other reference texts, bibliography, links to media, etc.

Are open university degrees respected 2021

There is also a stumbling block of a different nature. Festivals (and also their ateliers) have promulgated and molded, perhaps without realizing it, a false Esperanto in which filmmakers from many parts of the world express themselves with particular but never disobedient variants. The rigidity of taste and the poetics assumed as legitimate expel from the galaxy of festivals many extraordinary films that do not even find a sensitive translation in those who are in charge of the selection. They are «written» in a language that the programmer has not learned. They are films without subtitles of their poetics.

Having said all this, I think that what matters least is what has been the most mentioned film or the first most outstanding film, and even, although to a lesser extent, who has been the emerging director with the most recognition. All the lists reveal something, several are surprising and some unveil a real unknown universe. I have noted a number of titles whose existence I was unaware of, and I suspect that the same will happen to those who read.