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“Both are very committed to the idea that if you cut taxes there will be more investment, more jobs, more growth… But I think Margaret Thatcher had a more developed and more long-term sense of political judgment,” Phillips opines.But Truss has not just tried to mimic Thatcher’s ideology in various respects. The next prime minister of the United Kingdom has also copied her manner of dress on several occasions. During the first debate between the Conservative Party primary candidates, Truss wore a black jacket over a white blouse with a bow tie, an outfit very similar to that worn by Thatcher in the 1979 election.

In February, during her visit to Russia, she wore a black round fur hat with a matching coat. In 1987, Thatcher wore a similar coat and brown fur hat on her visit to the country. Also, in 1986 the ‘iron lady’ attended a NATO training camp in Germany, where she posed from inside a tank. For her part, Truss also posed on an Army tank in November 2021 when she visited British troops in Estonia. “Truss is trying very hard to replicate some iconic images of Margaret Thatcher. He’s been seen in Russia wearing one of those furry hats, he’s been seen posing on a tank…,” says Bale.

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Photo by Peter Horree / AlamyBy Simon IngramPublished 6 Sep 2022, 10:30 CSTIf you read something (this article, for example), you probably read it with your eyes, or you might hear it with your ears, and in both cases you process it with your brain. The brain is powered by the blood that drives the heart. And the oxygen in that blood is carried by the lungs. We all know that. But in the not-so-distant past, we ignored it. Someone had to figure out how our body works.

What a part of you does, where it is, when it can go wrong and how it can be fixed have been the guiding questions of human anatomy since the Renaissance. And the most uncomfortable reality of this branch of medicine (indeed, of any other) is that most of what we know about ourselves comes from someone who has looked very closely at the inside of a cadaver.

Where those cadavers came from in times past is a dark thread to follow.  It is part of the story explored by a new exhibition in Edinburgh (Scotland; UK), a city with a century-long history as a world center for anatomical studies. Anatomy: A Matter of Death and Life is on display at the National Museum of Scotland (NMS) and is perhaps not suitable for delicate eyes, although in many ways it is a subject to which we are all a little more sensitive than we used to be.

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As an international student you will need to prove your language level with an official certificate. The universities accept different certificates so choose the option with the best score you can get; preferably IELTS or Cambridge.

Classes start from September 25th to October 1st depending on the University. There are 5 weeks of classes and a one week break in between during the first term (called reading week). Christmas vacations start around December 15 and end around January 15.

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Studying English in the United Kingdom is the perfect excuse to live an experience that will change your future for the better. The United Kingdom has been a country of opportunities for centuries, becoming almost from the beginning one of the most important countries in the world where everyone wants to be. From the best companies, the best English schools, the best parties, the best museums, restaurants, theaters… the UK does not lack a detail to become the place where you can learn English. Keep reading to know all the advantages of studying English in the UK!

Varied educational offer Whatever type of English course you want to study, you can do it in the UK. Here there are all kinds of schools and educational institutions with a wide variety of programs focused on making you fluent in the English language that best serves your goals.

From general English courses, for those who want to consolidate the basics of the language, to IELTS exam preparation courses for those who want to get an official certificate of their knowledge, to English courses focused on improving your understanding to be able to attend university abroad, or business English courses.