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Compas is just one of many programs that use machine learning with the goal of predicting crimes before they are committed. They are called Crime Predicting Software and they deal with collecting and analyzing data about past crimes in order to predict future ones.

Crime Predicting Software collects and analyzes data on past crimes in order to predict future ones. On the one hand, there are programs that attempt to predict people’s criminal tendencies, such as Compas, and on the other, those that aim to map potential hotspots in cities, where the chances of committing a crime are statistically higher.

PredPol can even indicate the profiles of people that most closely match the statistical identikit of the offender. A mixture of social geography, criminology, statistics and computer science that does not predict murders as in the movie Minority Report, but it does make it possible to map in real time the potential criminality of cities.

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We develop our operational and commercial work in harmony with the environment, committed to caring for people and the environment, and fostering a fruitful relationship with the communities.

Together with various entities, we are committed to integrating the concept of sustainability into our corporate strategy, through the implementation of various actions in the social, human rights, governance and environmental areas. Learn more about the national and international alliances we are part of.

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Color is a powerful force of nature. The award-winning documentary series Apocalypse: World War II is one of the best examples. The vast majority of documentaries about the greatest war in history consist of black-and-white images. But Apocalypse shows the conflict with colored images, but also with footage originally filmed in color.

Let’s not forget that in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland, the first color film in history had been released a decade earlier: On with the show. But color was still a rarity during World War II, both in film and photography. Because of its high cost, black and white reigned for decades on screens.

At first sight, colorizing the images of a war may seem a whimsical and even frivolous idea, but the result achieved in Apocalypse is just the opposite: the color images take away the unreality of the war hecatomb and transport us to the war in a thrilling way.


In its beginnings it was constituted mainly by the members of the Approximate Reasoning Working Group, which started working in 1978. The group evolved and grew in a natural way (incorporating new members and modifying and increasing its lines of research) until January 1988, when the group became a Department.

Currently, the Department is based at the E.T.S. of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications, where it develops most of its teaching and research activities, although it has premises in the Faculty of Library and Information Science and in the Mecenas Building (Faculty of Sciences) within the university campus of Granada. The department also has a presence on the university campus of Ceuta.