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Our vision is to contribute to the future of education with the creation of solutions to the problems and challenges of society, contributing to the objectives of UNESCO’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development, through interdisciplinary construction with academic networks, united by collaboration in research and development projects.

Our mission is to be instances of open science that supports the construction of high potential models to explore the horizons of Education 4.0, contributing to the formation of a new generation of highly competitive professionals committed to society, to enable innovative solutions to current and future social challenges.

The conceptual and methodological framework of the model contemplates five main blocks: a processing block for Open Science and Open Innovation as the axis of the general proposal, the inputs that feed the process, the control methods used during the development, the resources that make up the tools necessary for the process, and the outputs that will mean the contributions and findings during the process link (Figure 1).

Cybersecurity master’s degree

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prominent in Mexico, and this is due, in large part, to the increase of graduates of master’s, postgraduate or diploma programs, as well as students who take courses or short programs, specialized in AI.

The main introductory topics on Artificial Intelligence are addressed, as well as its basic components such as Machine Learning, cognitive systems and knowledge representation, Data Science and neural networks, among other relevant topics. The diploma has a duration of 7 months.

The engineering curriculum provides technical knowledge of programming and artificial intelligence, which together with a global vision, allows solving real problems through programming. The career is focused on the use of computer programs so that the student is able to develop intelligent programs through programming and data storage. Students will obtain the tools to make graphical models that can move by themselves, ready to be used in the creation of video games with intelligent agents. And in robotics, they will make the robot think, be autonomous, analyze and have the ability to make decisions. The program has a duration of 8 semesters.

Doctorate online spain

16 courses in total100% onlineLearn through live sessions and asynchronous content from anywhere$10,000 USD$37,512,000 COP | Prices for 2022 (subject to annual fee increase). | Learn more about financial support here.

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Join doctorate

A basic grounding in the principles and practices around artificial intelligence (AI), automation and cognitive systems is something that is likely to become increasingly valuable, regardless of your field of business, experience or profession.

Register for the online Masterclass for free and learn more about the techniques and trends in Artificial Intelligence Digital Image Processing. The event will be held on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 19:00 hours CDMX.

The course is aimed at those looking to put machine learning and neural network technology to work as data analysts, data scientists or machine learning engineers, as well as enterprising individuals who wish to make use of the wealth of open source libraries and materials available.

To get the most out of the course, you should expect to spend eight to ten hours a week on the materials and exercises, for 12 weeks, but this is a free Ivy League-level education, so I wouldn’t expect it to be a breeze.