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Siguiendo a Bad Bunny en los dos dígitos se encuentra Maluma con 11 nominaciones, incluyendo artista del año y artista del año de Hot Latin Songs, con su éxito global «Hawái» que opta a seis premios, incluyendo canción del año y Hot Latin Song del año.

Balvin y Anuel AA optan a artista del año en una categoría en la que también está su compañero reggaetón Ozuna, que opta a siete premios. Balvin también obtuvo cuatro nominaciones por «Ritmo (Bad Boys for Life)», el exitoso tema con Black Eyed Peas, que también es cuatro veces finalista con «Ritmo».

Su compatriota Karol G es cuatro veces finalista por su éxito «Tusa» (con Nicki Minaj), mientras que Anuel es candidato a artista del año de Hot Latin Songs y artista del año de Top Latin Albums, principalmente por la fuerza de su segundo álbum, Emmanuel.

El grupo Eslabón Armado encabeza la lista con siete nominaciones que incluyen tres de sus álbumes: Corta Venas, Tu Veneno Mortal y Vibras de Noche. Les siguen la Banda MS de Sergio Lizárraga con cuatro nominaciones, incluida la de canción del año por «Que Maldición», y Los Dos Carnales, que optan a tres premios, incluido el de canción regional mexicana del año, en el que compiten contra sí mismos con «El Envidioso» y «Cabrón y Vago».

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Sting, the former leader of The Police and shining star of British pop, has just joined a select group of artists who have sold the rights to their songs to a multinational. The list of personalities who have carried out this operation is getting longer and longer, including names such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie, Taylor Swift or David Guetta.

The singer of the famous London band has sold his entire catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group, a set of songs that includes hits such as ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic’, ‘Every Breath You Take’ or ‘Roxanne’.

The high tax rates that govern the big capitals of the USA, where most of the major artists generate their income, mean that constantly paying large sums in royalties is a big bill.

For this reason, releasing all these royalties and obtaining a single multi-million dollar payment for all of them simplifies the process. In addition, this operation becomes a way of securing the future, as the songs may no longer be listened to, thus no longer generating income.

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After Christian Nodal announced that he had signed a contract with Sony Music, news that made him very happy because he would finally reach a new stage in his career, this Monday, February 22nd, it was announced that his former record label filed a complaint against his parents for the alleged crime of fraud.

According to the information presented on the program ‘Ventaneando’, the lawyers representing the record label Universal Music went to the Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint against Silvia Cristina Nodal Jiménez and Jaime González, Christian Nodal’s parents, whom they accused of simulating contracts.

Said complaint was filed against the artist’s parents due to the fact that they were the ones who in 2017 initiated the relationship with the record label on behalf of the singer, who at that time was a minor, and to whom the label granted money to record the songs «Nace un borracho» and «Dime cómo», as well as their respective videos.

This lawsuit comes after in November 2021 Nodal and his parents filed a lawsuit to claim ownership of the two previous songs and other songs produced by Universal, among which are practically all his hits, such as «Adiós amor», «Los besos que te di», «No te contaron mal», «Ay ay ay ay», among many others, rights that they assured belonged completely to Christian Nodal, when in reality it was the record label who granted the budget to record the songs and their respective video clips, leaving as a consequence that since last November Christian Nodal could no longer be heard.

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Nicolás «Na’vi» De La Espriella & Julio Reyes Copello, productores discográficos; Nicolás «Na’vi» De La Espriella, Pablo Pulido, Natalia Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello & Natalia Schlesinger, ingenieros de grabación; Nicolás Ramírez, mezclador; Gene Grimaldi, ingeniero de masterización

Motiff & Julio Reyes Copello, productores discográficos; Nicolás «Na’vi» De La Espriella, Natalia Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello & Daniel Uribe, ingenieros de grabación; Nicolás Ramírez & Julio Reyes Copello, mezcladores; Gene Grimaldi, ingeniero de masterización

Alizzz, Rafa Arcaute, C. Tangana & Federico Vindver, productores discográficos; Rafa Arcaute, Nathan Phillips, Jason Staniulis & Federico Vindver, ingenieros de grabación; Delbert Bowers, mezclador; Chris Athens, ingeniero de masterización

Roberto Delgado, productor del álbum; Oscar Marín, Ignacio Molino & Daniel Sanin, ingenieros de grabación del álbum; Roberto Delgado & Oscar Marín, mezcladores del álbum; Rubén Blades, compositor; Daniel Ovie, ingeniero de masterización del álbum

Pablo Alborán & Julio Reyes Copello, productores del álbum; Nicolás «Na’vi» De La Espriella, Vitek Kral, Pablo Pulido, Natalia Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello, Natalia Schlesinger, Daniel Uribe & Luis Villa, ingenieros de grabación del álbum; Nicolás Ramírez, mezclador del álbum; Pablo Alborán, compositor; Gene Grimaldi, ingeniero de masterización del álbum