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The study was carried out in accordance with the ethical principles of the American Educational Research Association (2011), which guaranteed the privacy of the institutions and the respondents; in addition, authorization was obtained from the institutions and the respondents. It is necessary to emphasize that the study was developed taking into account the ethical principles of the American Educational Research Association (2011), which guaranteed the privacy of the institutions and the respondents; in addition, the required authorization was obtained for the fulfillment of the process. Likewise, the collection, tabulation and interpretation of the data sought objectivity from an argumentative point of view. Table 1: Statistical characteristics of the application of the formula for determining the sample.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Fig. 1 shows the results associated with the first category of study: “appropriation of technologies in the educational model”; it was approached by means of 5 questions, which were mainly directed to verify the sustainability structure of higher education institutions that favor the insertion of ICT in the didactic process.

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Los siguientes datos ofrecen una lectura rápida del rendimiento científico en los últimos años. El ranking de investigación se refiere al volumen, el impacto y la calidad de la producción investigadora de la institución. El ranking de innovación se calcula a partir del número de solicitudes de patentes de la institución y de las citas que su producción de investigación recibe de las patentes. Por último, la clasificación de la sociedad se basa en el número de páginas del sitio web de la institución y el número de backlinks y menciones de las redes sociales.

El resultado de la evaluación de la institución puede compararse para obtener una visión del país, la región a la que pertenece y las instituciones del mundo, situándola en sus respectivas posiciones.

Hemos dividido la producción científica de la institución en 19 grandes áreas de conocimiento y la siguiente tabla muestra únicamente los rangos en diferentes dominios territoriales alcanzados por la institución en cada una de las áreas.

Para que una institución tenga presencia en un área, es necesario que supere en el último año un umbral mínimo de producción equivalente al doble del porcentaje que esa área representa en el mundo.

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That in accordance with its historical program, the Revolution has recognized the universities and centers of Higher Education as institutions with full academic, administrative and economic autonomy;

5. To foster critical and self-critical capacity, cultivating in the student discipline, creativity, spirit of cooperation and efficiency, endowing him/her with solid moral, civic and humanistic principles.

2. To issue certificates of study; letters of graduation; certificates, diplomas, degrees and academic degrees and equivalencies of studies of the same level carried out in other universities and centers of Higher Education, national or foreign.

Article 15.- The University Council is the highest governing body of the University; it shall be chaired by the Rector and shall also be composed of the Vice-Rector General, the faculty deans, the Secretary General of the University, who shall act as Secretary of the same, the Presidents of the student associations of the faculty, the President of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua at the respective University, two representatives of the Association of Teaching Workers and the Secretary General of the Union of Non-Teaching Workers.