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A medical intern is a trainee physician who has graduated and obtained a medical degree, but is not yet licensed to practice medicine without supervision. Medical school usually ends with a rotating internship, a period similar to an internship, but whose academic and practical medical training program and terminology vary from country to country.

Upon completion of the rotational internship, physicians are awarded a certificate of satisfactory service. With it, the Medical Council allows the practitioner to apply for full permission to practice in the General Register of Physicians.[4] Sometimes, the Council extends the period of time for which a physician may be admitted to practice.

Sometimes, the Board extends the 24-month rotating internship period for reasons of incompetence or health. A physician with a full practice permit may choose to work in either the government or private sector. In Malaysia, «specialists» refers to those physicians who are fully trained in a specialty and a subspecialty, and who also have a master’s or doctoral degree approved by the Council.


Gemma Joan Dashwood, OAM,[1] (born 19 October 1977)[2] is an Australian Paralympic swimmer and medical doctor. She was born in Canberra.[2] She competed in the Les autres disability category due to her septic arthritis.[3] She won three gold medals at the Australian Paralympic Games.

She won three gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games in the 100 m butterfly S10, 400 m freestyle S10 and 4 × 100 m freestyle S7-10, for which she received an Order of Australia Medal.[1] At the same Games, she won two silver medals in the 100 m freestyle S10 and 200 m freestyle SM10. [4] At the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, he won a gold medal in the 400 m freestyle S10, a silver medal in the 200 m freestyle SM10 and a bronze medal in the 4 x 100 m freestyle 34 points.[4] He was awarded a scholarship from the Australian Institute of Sport and Science in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney.

She was awarded an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship from 1995 to 2000.[5] In 1997 she moved to Newcastle to study speech therapy at the University of Newcastle and trained with Bill Nelson. She became a member of the Newcastle University Swimming Club, where she practiced for the Sydney 2000 games.[6] She organized «Paralympic Calendar Swimming 2000» to raise the profile of the Australian women’s Paralympic swimming team.[7] In 2000, she was awarded an Australian Sports Medal.[8]

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