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The 4 Universities Alliance presents an outstanding academic novelty for the academic year 2020-2021: the new Bachelor’s Degree in Science, which will be taught in Barcelona and Madrid. The teaching in Madrid will be divided between UAM and UC3M, while the teaching in Barcelona will be entirely at the UAM and UC3M.

Olga Belova2021-01-25 14:01:512021-03-25 15:47:48Erasmus+ mobility now possible with more non-European countries5 November, 2019Under the framework of the Erasmus+ program the Alliance 4 Universities has launched a call for students, PhD and Teaching staff for a mobility scheme between the universities of tha A4U and, Russia and South Africa.

Olga Belova2019-11-05 11:11:382021-01-25 10:47:11More Erasmus+ funds for non-European mobility10 May, 2018Under the framework of the Erasmus+ program the Alliance 4 Universities has launched a call for mobility grants for students, PhD students and teaching staff for mobilities between the universities of the A4U and Russia and South Africa.

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La beca para profesores internacionales de lengua china, otorgada por el Centro de Educación y Cooperación Lingüística (CLEC), invita a presentar solicitudes de estudiantes de lengua china en el extranjero. Esta beca tiene como objetivo satisfacer la creciente demanda de la comunidad internacional de talentos cualificados en lengua china, y facilitar la enseñanza internacional de la lengua china fuera de China. Las solicitudes a la Universidad de Lengua y Cultura de Pekín (BLCU), en particular, para dicha beca, deben seguir las directrices que figuran a continuación, una versión con referencia a la Guía de Solicitud de la Beca Internacional para Profesores de Lengua China 2022 publicada por el CLEC. Los Institutos Confucio, las Aulas Confucio operadas de forma independiente, algunos centros de pruebas HSK, los departamentos (de educación) de lengua china de universidades extranjeras, las asociaciones profesionales para la enseñanza de la lengua china, las embajadas (consulados) chinas en el extranjero (en adelante denominadas colectivamente “instituciones recomendadoras”) pueden recomendar a estudiantes sobresalientes y a profesores de lengua china actualmente empleados para que estudien la Enseñanza Internacional de la Lengua China o especialidades relacionadas en universidades y colegios chinos (en adelante denominados “instituciones de acogida”).

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School of Agrifood National Center for Food Science and Technology – CITA Center for Grain and Seed Research – CIGRAS Center for Research on Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Development – CIEDA

School of Philosophy Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas – IFF Graduate Program in Philosophy School of Modern Languages Graduate Program in Literature Graduate Program in History Centro de Investigaciones Históricas de América Central – CIHAC Center for Research in Latin American Identity and Culture – CIICLA

The Office of International Affairs and External Cooperation (OAICE) is the office of the Rector’s Office in charge of promoting the academic development of the institution based on the benefits and possibilities offered by the internationalization of higher education in the world.

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The degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics has a long and prestigious academic tradition in the Anglo-Saxon world. Currently, it is taught in about fifty leading universities such as Duke, Durham, Bern, Hamburg, Manchester, North Carolina, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Warwick or Yale.

The degree aims to provide students with the necessary tools to analyze an increasingly global, complex and connected world. Graduates obtain a solid background in political science and economics, with an important foundation in the critical and moral analysis provided by the humanities, essentially philosophy.

The particularity of the degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics lies in the mobility of students, who must study between Barcelona and Madrid and have the possibility of taking part of their studies at a foreign university.