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Ten dead in latest school shooting in the US

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Richard Revesz graduated summa cum laude in civil engineering from Princeton University in 1979 after completing a 140-page senior thesis entitled «Energy or Environment? The trade-off between automobile emissions and fuel economy.»[4] He went on to receive a master’s degree in civil engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He continued his studies at Yale Law School, where he was editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal, and received his law degree in 1983.[5] Upon graduation, he clerked first for Chief Judge Wilfred Feinberg of the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and then clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, where he met his wife, Vicki Been who was also a Supreme Court clerk for Justice Harry Blackmun.[6] He also clerked for Justice Harry Blackmun.

Guest: Rodolfo Hernández Presidential Candidate.

He has focused his research activity in different fields, such as organometallic chemistry, photonics and molecular electronics. In 2005 he received the Presidential Medal of Science and in 2008 the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research.

Tobin Marks is considered a reference in chemical catalysis, which has led him to develop processes for several types of recyclable and environmentally friendly plastics. He has also developed a prototype of third-generation photovoltaic solar cells, composed of organic, flexible, efficient and low-cost materials, as well as sensors and light modulators for more efficient data transmission.

Other of his achievements are transistors and light-emitting diodes based on organic materials (OLED), which save energy and can be incorporated into electronic devices such as PDAs, cell phones, and are also the basis of the so-called electronic paper.

A graduate of the University of Maryland (1966), in 1970 he received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is currently Vladimir N. Ipatieff Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Catalytic Chemistry at Northwestern University (Chicago).

Presidential Debate Gustavo Petro, Federico Gutiérrez, Ingrid

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