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El turismo, como negocio más rentable y de rápido crecimiento, garantiza la aceleración del crecimiento económico de los países, sirviendo también como medio de difusión de sus recursos geográficos, oportunidades y cultura. Las condiciones climáticas favorables, los numerosos recursos históricos y culturales, el buen transporte y la posición geográfica, los recursos laborales disponibles y el suministro adecuado de alimentos se consideran las principales condiciones para el desarrollo del turismo. En la actualidad, el turismo es uno de los sectores de mayor crecimiento de la economía mundial, con una contribución del 10% al PIB. Esta cifra es del 4,1% en Azerbaiyán. La industria turística desempeña un papel importante en la creación de un sector secundario, proporcionando también empleo. También contribuye a la activación del comercio exterior. Además, el turismo ejerce una gran influencia en los principales sectores de la economía, impulsando el desarrollo sociopolítico. Por ello, el objetivo de esta investigación es analizar los problemas económicos y geográficos de la industria turística en la República de Azerbaiyán teniendo en cuenta las peculiaridades de sus condiciones naturales y su desarrollo económico.

University college of hospitality management and culinary arts

The hybrid format allows students to personalize and make learning more flexible through continuous training. In the hybrid classroom model, technology is integrated as an element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times.

Subjects or activities of free choice by the student to personalize a part of their master’s degree and thus complete their competency development. You can choose subjects related or unrelated to your discipline, live an international experience or prepare for a certification.

During this BST, you will be immersed in an international and fast-paced learning environment focused on hospitality. You will learn the importance of service culture and having a mindset of excellence, and you will learn the best practices of hospitality management through seminars, classes, workshops and extracurricular activities.

The work is a real business project that is a challenge in which the student must demonstrate that the learning objectives have been met and develop all the competencies acquired during the program.

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Master in Sustainable Tourism ManagementDo you want to be part of the new paradigm of Sustainable Tourism? Apply to the program nowProfessional Master in Sustainable Tourism ManagementFaculty of Environment and DevelopmentDo you want to be part of the new paradigm of sustainable tourism? We are ready to offer you the oldest program in Latin America, with the most modern curriculum, and the possibility to interact with your own initiatives through the Sustainable Tourism Institute for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Professional Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management (MGTS) seeks to contribute to the preparation of human resources capable of intervening in a virtuous way in tourism development. The objective is to train professionals worldwide in sustainable tourism management, equipped with skills, knowledge and tools that will enable them to make optimal use of available resources and respond to the new challenges facing tourism in an interdisciplinary environment oriented towards sustainable development.


Our modular system consists of passing 1 subject per month, so our students have a better balance between their own activities and studies, so they do not need to sacrifice or give up anything.

Our University gives you the opportunity to access different types of scholarships with which you will achieve your professional goals, and we also offer a variety of discounts of up to 50% for new students.

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