Bachelor degree in university studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

It is worth mentioning that those training cycles known as Higher Studies, such as diploma, engineering and bachelor’s degrees, are within what is called Higher Education and must be studied in institutions prepared to offer such program, the universities.

The consequence of this is that, regardless of the inclinations and passions of individuals, almost everyone ends up attending university to study careers that promise a stable working life, becoming doctors, lawyers, economists, physicists, etc….

But all this has a drawback that is not minor at all, it causes many people to be unhappy, because when they discover that not even that career and having a stable job, gives them the joy of feeling at ease with themselves, they feel that they have wasted their time and that their life is empty. All because they allow certain rules, which for some are valid, to corrupt their freedom and frustrate their desire to devote themselves to something else that truly fulfills them.

What does a graduate do?

One of the main doubts of those who enter flexible modalities points to the validity of their professional degree, to the detriment of those who study in the traditional way. However, the degrees do not vary with this modality, giving its graduates equal conditions when it comes to entering the labor market.

The opportunity to study a career on Saturdays is not only beneficial for those who study and work, but also for those who live in regions or remote places, allowing them to study in Santiago and considerably reducing their travel and living costs.

Studying a professional career, updating knowledge and keeping up to date is becoming increasingly difficult for those who are already immersed in the labor market and must balance their schedules between work, family, friends and other duties. In order to offer a solution for these people, Universidad Los Leones has implemented a flexible study modality, which allows students to study a university career with classes on weekends, allowing them to better manage their time. The “Weekend+” format, establishes on-site classes on Saturdays with the possibility of integrating Thursday evening classes, depending on the modality chosen. These face-to-face classes are constantly supported by tutorials.

Law Degree

We train professionals in the area of genomic sciences with an agricultural focus, who possess the tools, knowledge and scientific bases in an integral, interdisciplinary and updated way, capable of inserting this scientific knowledge in the processes that make up food production, with a deep social, ethical and environmental commitment. We stimulate the interest in scientific research and the continuation towards postgraduate studies.

We train professionals with a solid practical training and from a scientific and multidisciplinary vision, capable of contributing to the improvement of visual health, from a comprehensive approach, based on prevention, detection, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, which allows them to investigate ocular structural anomalies, visual alterations and meet the needs of the population.

We train professional translators prepared to respond to the social demand for high quality translations in various fields of knowledge. The curriculum fosters the analytical capacity of the translator of written texts, provides solid theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, brings him/her closer to the new information and communication technologies, and at the same time offers a close link with the working world.The Bachelor’s Degree in Translation has five areas of specialization: Literary Translation, Technical-Scientific Translation, Legal Translation, Translation for International Relations and Audiovisual Translation.

Bachelor’s degree in business administration

Our School, with its high level teachers, welcomes all those who, coming from different cultures and creeds, show their desire to live together and learn – making our own the words of His Holiness John Paul II – “…the great desire of the Church to go out to meet the people and cultures of that immense continent (Asia), rich in history and noble traditions”. The Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental Studies offers the possibility of delving into the study of History, Literature, Religions, Philosophies and also the surprising presence of the Asian powers in the world concert. As you will see, the School of Oriental Studies at Universidad del Salvador responds to the most updated orientations.

The graduate of the Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental Studies is qualified to engage in research, university teaching and to enroll in the Foreign Service of the Nation. Those interested in Histories, Literatures, Philosophies and Religions can continue the School’s already established relationship with the most prestigious educational centers in Asia, Europe and the United States. Grounded in the humanistic tradition of our discipline and in the professional applications we have mentioned above, we believe that our career poses a real challenge to us.