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To increase your chances of getting into a university, apply to several courses and several institutions. It is normal to choose five universities that have the course you want to study, but if you want to study at Oxford or Cambridge, you will have to choose one of the two, you cannot apply to both.

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If you want to study a university degree but you don’t find options near you, consider Online Universities. Currently they are a good alternative to study a bachelor’s or master’s degree, especially if the place where you live is not within reach of an institution of your interest, or if those that are close do not offer the bachelor’s or master’s degree you want to study or because you need flexible schedules to be able to work or start a business while you study.

Responsibility: This point will be difficult to recognize as an advantage at the beginning, since your career depends completely on self-learning. This will eventually shape you as a responsible, independent person with initiative.

Obviously the main thing to study an online career is an electronic device (PC or Laptop) and an internet connection. It is possible to connect from a cell phone, however it is less advisable because you will be much more limited in the amount of tasks you can do when taking a class; besides it ends up being more of a distraction than a tool.

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The University of London is a private university with different campuses in the center of the country, which offers school and weekend programs. Even in its school mode, they are supported with online activities, so you can manage your time.

The bachelor’s degrees offered by the University of London are taught in the classroom mode, although some also have the executive mode that alternates classroom sessions with online sessions, some also offer dual degrees. The programs are as follows:

UDL has 10 campuses located in Mexico City and one in the city of Querétaro. All campuses in Mexico City are located in the Cuauhtémoc delegation, and in Querétaro it is located in the Historic Center.

They are present in 18 states of the country. It is a private university $$ Current enrollment: More than 16,000 Bachelor’s and engineering degrees: 16 It has online, executive or face-to-face modalities Profile of the Universidad del Desarrollo Profesional UNIDEP is…

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Hannah holds a Bachelor of Science Honours BSc in Psychology (University of Otago) and two Masters degrees in Psychology (University of Auckland) and Social Development Practice (University College London) during which she completed research projects related to human memory and refugee integration respectively. She has also been involved in various capacities with refugee communities in Auckland, Melbourne and London and participatory research projects with communities facing housing issues in London and Brazil.

Prior to moving to London, Hannah worked as a coffee shop and bakery manager in Auckland, Melbourne and Berlin. She is from New Zealand and therefore enjoys everything about being by the sea, which is often a little harder to do in Hackney.