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Classes at the University of Barcelona are taught in Catalan.

INSA Barcelona Master in Business Communication. Communication is present in any area of our lives, both work and personal. What we communicate is as important as how we do it. Having communication tools that allow us to plan, negotiate and achieve our objectives will be the key to success.

In an increasingly competitive market, business relationships, personal relationships and the correct use of the different communication channels will make the difference. In order to understand these aspects, it is very important to have a practical vision and the study of real cases that are used as a methodology in all our Masters.

In addition, the specificities of each company and the existing differences that must be taken into account for management, are reflected in the variety of Masters that INSA offers in this area, from the MBA in SMEs to Revenue Management, through Digital Business or international management.

INSA Barcelona Master in Marketing Intelligence. Marketing has evolved. The general concepts of marketing are maintained and it continues to be one of the most relevant areas of companies, especially because of its relationship with the commercial branch and the need for market knowledge.

University of barcelona language of the classes

Nowadays, knowledge of languages is the basis for advancing and achieving academic and professional excellence. The Language Center, integrated in the Vice Rectorate for Internationalization, seeks to provide a quality training service that contributes to the internationalization of the University and its environment.

The courses have a duration of 40 hours and a very competitive price of 275€ for CEU students. The courses are taught in compatible and comfortable schedules for students, are communicative classes, and work on all language skills.

At CEU San Pablo University we prepare our students to respond to the needs of a globalized world. For this reason, we have joined forces with the British Council to enable all students to finish their studies with a level of English that allows them to function in an international environment.

In a globalized and interconnected world, knowing languages has become an indispensable element to access the professional world. At CEU San Pablo University we have joined forces with the Goethe-Institut to make it easier for all students to finish their studies with a level of German that allows them to function in an international professional environment.

University barcelona Spanish for foreigners

Since these classes are directed to students on an individual basis, the student is the one who will decide in this case when he/she considers necessary to take the classes, therefore he/she will be able to choose the schedule that suits him/her best and our teachers in Barcelona will be at his/her disposal.

With the classes “a la carte” we offer individualized classes focused on what the student requires, and are appropriate for the study of any subject of the courses of ESO, Bachillerato, University or Formative Cycles, of medium or superior degree. They are also appropriate classes in terms of overcoming any entrance exam, or learning foreign languages.

Through these classes “a la carte” we offer a reinforcement of the necessary contents for the student, although on the other hand we also offer an extension in the subjects that the student requires. In addition to this, it is important to highlight the flexibility of the timetable, since these classes will be given according to the student’s availability.

Although the environment of the academy is optimal for the study of the subjects, through the classes “a la carte” we also offer the possibility that our teachers move to the student’s home, among others, since these classes are focused exclusively on the particularities of each student.

University of Barcelona Catalan

Productive skills are practiced following an individual or group task-based approach, with personalized feedback. At the end of the A1 level, students will have achieved basic competences to express themselves in everyday life scenarios with simple sentences to satisfy basic needs: introducing themselves, asking for and giving basic information and interacting in an elementary way.

Once you have registered, you will receive the access codes to the Virtual Campus. We recommend that you log in to familiarize yourself with the environment. During the first day of the course, your virtual classrooms will be activated.