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Humanidades Digitales (AAHD), vocal de Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas (HDH), miembro director (Board of Directors) de Pelagios Commons, Text Encoding Initiative, Area-Red Argentina de Humanidades Digitales, Acta Académica, y del consorcio

la UNED.    Investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas y Crítica Textual del Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET. Buenos Aires, Argentina) y profesor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Licenciada y doctora en Filología Románica (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Sus principales intereses académicos se centran en la Edición Digital Académica, el uso y las metodologías de las herramientas digitales académicas como «prácticas situadas», la Comunicación Académica Abierta y las Prácticas de Investigación Abierta en Humanidades, y la interacción de lo global y lo local en el desarrollo de las disciplinas académicas. Trabaja desde 2013 con diferentes comunidades de práctica de DH en América Latina y España, especialmente en Argentina, donde organizó el primer Congreso de Humanidades Digitales en 2014 y muchos otros eventos relevantes para este campo.  Es la directora del Laboratorio de

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The economic reactivation plans revive in the main cities of Euskal Herria the urban macro-operations that buried the crisis of 2008. Real estate developers inflate a bubble that will be paid for by the territory.

Amazon, the platform founded by Jeff Bezos, came to cinema and series as a means, not as an end, but it applies its usual tactics to cultural products: controlling distribution, becoming indispensable and imposing its conditions.

The disagreements between who puts and receives the money for the compensation fund for climate disasters and the emission reduction targets compromise the future of COP27. With one day to go before the end of the summit, there is no consensus in sight.

The Ministry of Equality has experienced its worst week ever due to the sentence reductions granted to those convicted of sexual crimes by some courts under the ‘law of the only yes is yes’. Why have these reductions occurred? Could they have been avoided? What do feminists say?

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Mene Mauroa is a city in Falcón state, Venezuela. It is the capital of the municipality Mauroa and is located southwest of this, almost on the boundary of the municipality with the municipality Miranda of Zulia state. It was founded on February 5, 1918. It has a population of 18,372 inhabitants (2010). It is known as the town that planted its oil. It is located 188 kilometers from Santa Ana de Coro and 4 kilometers from the border with Zulia state.

The Matícora reservoir was one of the tourist areas of Mene de Mauroa, where the Matícora and El Aliviadero riverside resorts are located (currently not functioning due to lack of maintenance). There are also access routes to the Socopó hill and other hills of the Siruma mountain range.

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During this Saturday, November 12, our Volleyball Team competed with the English Institute, giving all the effort on the court to try to achieve victory, however, although the results were not favorable, our girls left their best on the court, serving this instance as an experience to strengthen the team in future competitions. We congratulate them for their commitment in this competition and we know that the triumph will soon come.

Congratulations to our Actualidad Team that stood out for their commitment and excellence in the «Actualidad Olympics 2022», achieving a good level that will allow them to continue working in future competitions. We thank their teacher advisor, Ms. Andrea Fuentes for her dedication to our students in the instance and throughout the course of these competitions.

Third and Fourth Grade students of the Sanitary Installations Specialty visited a construction site in Quinta de Tilcoco, where they witnessed the construction of a subdivision of 29 homes, 1 commercial space and 5 green areas, which are governed under the DS19 decree. This project includes a treatment plant and the modification of a channel channel bed encased in concrete, emphasizing the use of PPE and developing an interdisciplinary work guide (specialty modules), all within the framework of the agreement Project I built my future of NGO Canales y Socios de la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción.