Being a mature student at university

Maduro at the graduation of the National Police at the UNES.

50) Miguel Joseph Medina Romero: Died in the early morning of Friday, May 5 in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital General del Sur after having received a bullet in his abdomen on May 3, during a protest in the Pomona sector, located south of Maracaibo, Zulia state.

***The case of a baby who died on May 5 as a result of tear gas in Valencia, Carabobo state, was not included in this registry. The two month old infant suffered from Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida. She died at the Ciudad Hospitalaria “Doctor Enrique Tejera” of a respiratory arrest, after tear gas bombs were thrown in the Lisandro Alvarado Avenue sector to dissolve the wave of looting between midnight and dawn on Thursday, May 4.

First Venezuelan Graduate in a Vietnamese University

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The moment in which a military tank runs over the

However, different university authorities expressed ignorance of the existence of the agreement of May 30, 2019 (No. 0048) of the National Council of Universities and the referred Gazette No. 41.684.

“There is no basis whatsoever for a lawsuit to be filed against the rectors of the universities that are members of AVERU. I make this clarification because it may generate anxiety, not because there might not be the intention of the (de facto) government to do so, but because it has not happened in those terms so far”.  , expressed the Secretary of the UCV, Amalio Belmonte.

“Apparently it is false, but the threat and persecution is there. They will have to persecute the entire university community, as well as almost all the students in the country for manifesting their right to freedom” and also added that if the information in the gazette is “truthful”, they will “find them firm and eager to move forward”, for the program of César Miguel Rondón in Al punto y Seguimos.

In spite of this situation, other portals specialized in the dissemination of normative instruments, such as Organización Jurisprudencia de Trabajo “Juris Line”, have had access to it and have disseminated it. It should be noted that the Aula Abierta team was able to contact members of the specialized portal “Pandectas Digital” on August 03, 2019, who ratified the officiality of G.O No. 41.864 and reported having received it through an alternative channel as a regular user of SAINGO. (Available at:!pih2kLwA!vpAzl9eoY93z5UK5Vwx8rA).

Presidential Debate Gustavo Petro, Federico Gutiérrez, Ingrid

The call made by Nicolás Maduro is outside the law. He does it by skipping all the mechanisms provided for in the Venezuelan constitution. Only the electorate, through a referendum, can call it. He could propose it for a vote, but he does not: he directly calls for the constituent assembly without having those powers. Beyond the legal analysis, we have to ask ourselves what this means. By calling for a Constituent Assembly, Nicolás Maduro accepts that there is a crisis, one that he denied and that he has to solve. What happens is that he is not willing to solve it through constitutional means.

Betrayal of the homeland. That is to say: a person who is protesting for something he does not agree with is accused of rebellion and treason. This shows the confusion that exists between government, state and nation. Anyone who protests against the government commits treason. That is the confirmation of a totalitarian regime. In Venezuela we are facing not only a dictatorship like those that have occurred in Latin America throughout the 20th century, we are facing the attempt of a regime of two decades of government to implement a totalitarian system.