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The Monreal Tower is a defensive building erected in the thirteenth century on a watchtower southwest of Tudela in order to monitor the territory, although its current appearance responds to subsequent reconstructions.

Thus, a device that rotates 360 degrees captures the image of the area surrounding the Monreal Tower in real time and this is projected inside the camera obscura. In addition, in each session, which lasts approximately twenty minutes, secrets about the history, evolution and curiosities of the city are revealed. An original idea that will allow the visitor to discover Tudela in a different way.

Mill of Urdazubi/Urdax Throughout the 10th and 11th centuries, the monastery of Urdax was built in these lands of green meadows and clear waters. Its monks devoted themselves to the construction of canals and bridges (hence its name «ur eta zubi» which means «water and bridge» in Basque) and a mill, thanks to which they were able to work iron and grind grain. However, the splendor of the monastery was not eternal because its proximity to the border made it a place of looting and fires. In spite of this, the mill has been preserved in perfect condition since it was rebuilt in the 18th century. It did not begin to serve the local villages until the 18th century, when the miller received the «saskito» or «celemín» as payment for his work. Today, visitors have the opportunity to see the mill in operation. The water gives power to the large stones («muelas») that move with precision at each turn, producing wheat and corn flour. The visit also includes the cloister of the Romanesque Monastery of San Salvador and the old electric generator, now in disuse, which gave light to the mill.

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One of the best finals in history, the champion Villanova got it in a spectacular way with a three pointer by Kris Jenkins that left the North Carolina team in shambles. Here is the best finish of the NCAA.

He won the Big 12 conference men’s player of the year award in 2015 and 2016. Now he is in the NBA playing for the New Orleans Pelicans team. His average points per game was 17.Player with great quality that completely changed the NCAA where they were a lot of expectation to this one.

Classic point guard in terms of height with incredible conditions and talent, and has played for a classic NCAA team like the Indiana Hoosiers. Although he is a player who hogs a lot of the ball, he has improved tremendously in terms of game direction and vision. One of the best in my opinion. We are talking about a player very followed by the NBA since he came to the NCAA, and in fact, despite not being drafted, he is playing the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with the Brooklyn Nets.

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Los premios al Jugador de la Semana son presentados por Interperformances. Interperformances es una agencia de servicios integrales especializada en la representación de deportistas profesionales de todo el mundo. Con más de cuarenta y ocho años de experiencia, INTERPERFORMANCES es bien conocida por todos los equipos y clubes profesionales. Los directores generales confían en nuestras opiniones y recomendaciones.

El entrenador del 1º de Agosto, Paulo Macedo , admitió el martes que espera «numerosas dificultades» contra el Petro de Luanda en el partido de la cuarta ronda de la temporada regular del campeonato nacional de baloncesto (Unitel-Basket), que se jugará el viernes en el Pabellón Cidadela. En declaraciones a la ANGOP, al final de la sesión matinal de entrenamiento a puerta cerrada, el entrenador admitió que el rival tiene una buena calidad técnica, aunque cree que todos ellos son muy completos y deben presentar argumentos suficientes para oponerse al equipo petrolero. A pesar de mostrarse optimista en un excelente rendimiento, el técnico ‘militar’ reconoció que su equipo deberá ser «muy fuerte», sobre todo en el sector defensivo frente a un rival «muy fuerte» en las transiciones ofensivas. Afirmó que el Petro es un adversario que corre mucho y que puede crear dificultades con facilidad, de ahí la intención de ser más precavidos en el sector defensivo y evitar desavenencias en el desenlace del partido.Cortesía de: