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Through this series of videos you will learn how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in the world of finance; as well as their different applications with their respective datasets and programming codes (Python, TensorFlow and R).

There are a large number of courses available online to learn about artificial intelligence and computational creativity. S192: Deep Learning for Art, Aesthetics, and Creativity, which is a good course to start in this area among the many existing free online courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

The 170 videos through which Sebastian Raschka explains in a clear and masterful way one of the most complex and widely used algorithms in artificial intelligence: deep learning (artificial neural networks).

In a new paper entitled “Dancing Under the Stars: Video Denoising in Starlight”, the artificial intelligence team at Intel Labs and UC Berkeley detail how they developed a new deep learning system (artificial neural networks), which for the first time is able to eliminate image noise in videos that have been filmed in extremely dark conditions only under starlight.

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Finding and getting into the right college can be a daunting task, but it can also lead to very rewarding opportunities for career and personal development. There are many national programs and state laws that allow undocumented students to attend the college of their choice. The following guide is intended to help these students navigate the many exciting options available to them in order to achieve their educational goals.

Beyond these legal realities, it is important to remember that many undocumented students are victims of circumstances beyond their control. Most of them were brought to the United States by their parents at a very young age. They have learned English, completed high school, and have integrated into communities considering themselves to be Americans.

Many students believe that their undocumented status will prevent them from attending college. These undocumented students may live in fear of being exposed and deported if they apply. This should not be a concern for prospective college students, as it is against the law for institutions of higher education to report a student’s immigration status without their permission.

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Esto no es nada menos que impresionante. El pasado mes de abril, la UC Berkeley, una de las principales universidades del país, anunció su plan de poner cursos académicos completos en iTunes. Nueve meses después, ya se pueden encontrar 59 cursos completos disponibles como podcasts. Basta con hacer clic aquí para acceder al sitio de iTunes de Berkeley (o aquí para el feed Rss).No importa dónde vivas, puedes acceder sin coste alguno a los mismos cursos a los que asisten los estudiantes que pagan la matrícula completa. Y, dada la masa crítica de cursos que se ofrecen en toda una serie de disciplinas, puedes elaborar tu propio plan de estudios personalizado y ampliar tus horizontes sobre la marcha.

La colección de Berkeley ha permanecido en general fuera del radar de la gente, lo cual es una pena. Es una excelente colección de podcasts, una de las mejores que existen. Esperemos que podamos ayudar a los lectores a encontrar lo que se están perdiendo.

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Turkey) has more than one million; and the enrollment of perhaps the world’s largest private university, Islamic Azad University in Iran, with its 145 campuses, is 850,000 students.

California’s report on African-American enrollment at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), says that between 1996 and 2006, African-American enrollment at UCLA, at the University of California, Berkeley

African-American enrollment at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), said that from 1996-2006 African-American enrollment at UCLA, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Berkeley was higher than the African-American enrollment at UCLA, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at Berkeley.

attendance, but it is intended that as of September 2008, students who enter the Bermuda College from one of the local senior schools and who enroll in an approved course of study at the College will not have to pay any tuition.

come and study in the European Union, although its limited funding may create difficulties for those who are required to pay college tuition and are unable to do so.