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Universidad de california berkeley requisitos

1 – «Información personal» – es decir, información como su nombre completo, cargo, empresa, dirección postal, dirección de correo electrónico, número de teléfono y tarjeta de crédito u otra información de pago (si hace una donación);

2 – «Información del dispositivo» – es decir, información sobre usted o sus actividades, (como su dirección de protocolo de Internet, características del navegador, características del dispositivo, sistema operativo, preferencias de idioma, URL de referencia, información sobre las acciones realizadas en nuestro sitio web, y fechas y horas de las visitas al sitio web) a través de la cual no intentamos identificarle pero a través de la cual puede ser posible identificarle; y/o

Podemos compartir su información personal con otra entidad o con terceros no relacionados (incluidos los contratistas que nos prestan servicios) para que nos ayuden con cualquiera de los usos de la información personal y del dispositivo descritos en este documento. Por ejemplo, podemos compartir y/o proporcionar su Información del Dispositivo con/para terceros que ayuden al funcionamiento, la administración o el mantenimiento de nuestro sitio web.

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This journal provides immediate free access to its content on the principle of making research freely available to the public, which fosters greater global knowledge exchange.

The Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) is a statewide network of researchers and educators at the University of California who are dedicated to creating, developing, and applying knowledge and advances in agriculture, human resources, and natural resources.

It offers an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary approach, with integrative visions, starting from the field of architecture, but opening up to other disciplines, in accordance with the changing boundaries and situations that today characterize the field of architecture and urban studies.

It is the UN agency responsible for promoting the economic and social development of the region. It offers the Statistical Yearbook of Latin America and the Caribbean, books, magazines, bulletins, notebooks, among others.

Since September 5, 2001, the Virtual Legal Library of the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas of the UNAM has made available to legal scholars books, journals and other materials in full text and free access.

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The university is characterized as academically strong and internationally recognized for research. University of Westminster offers a vibrant environment, innovation and creativity, hands-on learning and inspiring research. Its students go out to shape the future and change their lives for the better both in the UK and internationally. The University’s philosophy is to build a new generation of citizens with high global employability, to improve the future.

The University of Westminster is a vibrant, international university located in the heart of London. With a distinguished history since 1838, it is focused on shaping the future of professional life. Westminster offers an inspirational study environment – emphasizing innovation and creativity, and attracts over 20,000 students from 169 nations, making it the most diverse university in the UK.

It offers more than 300 programs, including foundation, bachelors, masters and research programs in a wide range of disciplines. Almost all courses start in September, although some postgraduate courses also start in January.

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The universities are located in a total of 24 COUNTRIES, although the international campuses and the infinity of alliances that add up to the graduate programs they offer, makes the possibility of studying in other countries expand.

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