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¿Quieres mejorar tu capacidad de pensamiento crítico? En nuestro día a día, estamos constantemente dando razones para creer cosas y tomar decisiones.  En este curso introductorio aprenderás a identificar los argumentos, a evaluarlos y a evitar las falacias y los errores de creencia que llevan a la formación de malas creencias. ¡O a reflexionar sobre el mal uso de estas herramientas!

La argumentación crítica es una habilidad práctica que debe aprenderse, desde el principio, mediante el uso de ejemplos reales de argumentos. Los argumentos reales que analizaremos en el curso permitirán practicar la puesta en práctica de las habilidades deseadas. Los métodos presentados se basan en las últimas técnicas desarrolladas en la teoría de la argumentación y la lógica informal, así como en los descubrimientos más actualizados sobre la cognición y la argumentación.

Translating Audre Lorde Now / Traduciendo Audre Lorde Ahora / Translating Audre Lorde Now

Law Degree from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Master in Management and Leadership of Cultural Projects, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Master of Research in Cultural Law from Universidad Carlos III and UNED. She has taken numerous specialized courses in digital dissemination of cultural content, communication through social networks and cultural marketing. She has extensive experience in management of cultural associations whose activity focuses on different artistic disciplines (theater, dance, photography). She currently works in cultural management, collaborates in several cultural associations and is developing a research project on the processes of artistic creation and its legal and philosophical implications.

Christina Wegener studied Latin American Studies, Hispanic Philology and German Literature in Berlin, Barcelona and Havana (Mag. Art.). She currently works for an NGO and as editor, translator and event organizer at


If you want to learn or study English in the United States, this country is one of our options for you to learn the language. It is a multicultural nation, home to a wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions and values.

Italy is a leader in many sectors considered high quality, from fashion, to art, to history, to culture, to sports, to tourism. Speaking Italian will allow you to enter these worlds and understand them better. Italian is so easy to learn that in a few months you will be able to understand and speak it at a good level. If you want to study Italian in Italy know our options

More than 200 million people speak French in the five continents. The Francophonie includes 68 States and Governments. French is the foreign language that more people learn, after English and the ninth most spoken language in the world. French is the international language of cuisine, fashion, theater, visual art, dance and architecture. Knowing French allows access, in the original version, to the great texts of French and French-speaking literature,

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International House of Philadelphia will have members of the Hispanic Studies Section of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania introduce each session of the tour, that will be screened at the Ibrahim Ibrahim Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

several professors of Hispanic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania to introduce each of the sessions of the series that will be screened from today until December 4 at the Ibrahim

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