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She slowly climbs the stairs. She regrets wearing heels. Although she doesn’t usually wear them because of her imposing height, today is a special day. But between the downpour and the photographers’ flashbulbs, she curses herself for the choice. Besides, she preferred to come alone to the opening of the exhibition and has no one to lean on in the event of an unforeseen slip.

-I’m sorry. If you don’t mind, and given what’s happening, I’ll see you at the exit if you’re still here and haven’t been swept away by the flood,” she jokes, as she walks briskly, concentrating on not stumbling, to the entrance door.

The access has protective measures in accordance with the situation. She looks to her right and sees the crown prince of the English Crown. Next to him, several VIPs are undergoing a thorough security check. He is amused by the look of discomfort on the faces of those who are not used to being searched.

And in the background, he thinks he recognizes the surprise that heralds the exhibition. As he makes his way towards it, he realizes that the quiet is wearing thin. The corridors begin to fill with select, celebrity guests. He is greeting a famous American and a Chinese collector when he notices a slight tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he tries to contain a grimace of displeasure. It is Paul Singleton, the well-known New York gallerist and art dealer whom Mia detests. Beyond his conceit, he has raised her several millionaire operations with clients, using his bad arts and poor professional ethics.

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In Mexico there are an infinite number of universities, schools and academies that offer a career in acting, each with a particular vision focused on developing certain aptitudes, qualities and values in the student.

Since its founding in 1946, ENAT offers students an eminently humanistic education, committed to their society and with a self-managing spirit. It has degrees in Acting and Scenography, as well as a Master’s Degree in Stage Direction, which focuses on training with identity, innovative production and educational quality, thanks to a prestigious and current teaching staff in the Mexican scene.

It belongs to Televisa and its objective is to train young actors who have the personality and ability to perform in different production media such as television, film and theater. A very suitable center for those who aspire to work in television.

This is the acting school of TV Azteca and has an intensive academic program for the training of actors and communicators, aimed at the development of artistic faculties and knowledge of the language and technique essential for television, film and theater.

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Read full articleTresBMarch 6, 2018, 2:23 PMThere is no formula that guarantees success. While studying hard may be the most recommended way to go far, there are people who have proven otherwise. Take the celebrities in this gallery, for example. All of them left high school early and, despite not having graduated, have managed to succeed in their careers. We do not assure you that you will do the same if you decide to follow in their footsteps.Related:Celebrities who studied at the best universities in the world / 12 celebrities who are gifted (and you would never have imagined it)

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Bath Spa University is a university located in the city of Bath, England. The institution was formerly known as Bath College of Higher Education (Bath College of Higher Education), and later as Bath Spa University College (Bath Spa University College). It acquired full university status in August 2005. It is the sixth largest provider of higher education in the United Kingdom[3] and since 2012 has been ranked annually as one of the best creative universities in the UK by Which? magazine[4].