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On December 14, 2020 the expected solar eclipse was observed in Chile. We share photos taken by Professor Leonardo Vanzi from Santiago including a photo at the moment of maximum 78% of eclipse. The eclipse was only partial in the Metropolitan Region and in the regions of totality (Araucania, Los Rios and Bio Bio) was affected by bad weather conditions that prevented many from appreciating the event. The…

There are two positions in La Serena, in the newly unified CTIO/Gemini/Rubin organization called NOIRLab. The job description for the optical engineer (at the engineer or assistant engineer level) can be found at: Please, direct any interested candidates to Emmanuel Chirre <>, the head of the selection committee, or to Andrei Tokovinin <>.

A virtual meeting was held on November 16, corresponding to the inauguration of the new National Space System (NSS) project. In this meeting spoke the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, Andres Couve, the Undersecretary of Defense Cristián De La Maza and the Deputy Director of Space Affairs of the FACH Colonel Luis Felipe Sáez. AIUC members in attendance were Cristian Chávez and Gaspar Galaz. According to…

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El único curso de este tipo en Australia Occidental, Tecnología Aeronáutica, se ocupa de la ciencia y la tecnología de la aviación, incluyendo los sistemas de las aeronaves, los materiales y la tecnología de fabricación, y el funcionamiento de las aeronaves. Las áreas de estudio incluyen una base de ciencias y matemáticas, junto con mecánica de ingeniería, diseño asistido por ordenador, materiales de ingeniería y termodinámica y fluidos. También cubre temas específicos de la ciencia de la aviación, como los sistemas y estructuras de las aeronaves, la propulsión de las aeronaves y la aerodinámica. Los estudiantes también comprenderán el funcionamiento y el rendimiento de las aeronaves desde el punto de vista de un tecnólogo de la aviación.

El curso se centra en el desarrollo de conocimientos y habilidades relevantes para la industria de la aviación y, junto con una sólida base teórica, incluye fuertes elementos de resolución de problemas prácticos, trabajo en equipo y trabajo en proyectos.

Siempre que se elijan las asignaturas optativas adecuadas, los estudiantes que se gradúan pueden solicitar la articulación en el curso de Máster en Ingeniería de la ECU, especializándose en Ingeniería Mecánica o Civil. Esto permite a los estudiantes alcanzar el estatus de ingeniero profesional después de otros dos años de estudio.

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And CTE is just the beginning. The real “groundwork” for his future aspirations is walking through the doors of MacArthur High School, ready to begin the upcoming journey of making friends, adapting to different expectations, navigating a new school environment and making decisions that will affect his future….

“I’m really excited to go to a new school and start fresh,” Webster says. “It’s going to be a new space full of new faces. I’ll get to meet more people and be exposed to new challenges, academically speaking.”

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Stephanie Navarro is a lieutenant in the United States Air Force. She has more than a decade of prior service in the Air National Guard, during which time she participated in deployments in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel to provide secure communications capabilities in the Middle East. He began his civilian career as an information technology specialist for the U.S. Army, providing systems engineering for data center modernization efforts in Hawaii.

Navarro earned a bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he served the constituents of Florida as a congressional intern for the House of Representatives and the Senate. He is currently working on a master’s degree in engineering specializing in cybersecurity policy and regulatory compliance from George Washington University.