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We promote entrepreneurship as a valid and attractive alternative to working as an employee, launching viable companies capable of offering competitive products and services in different economic sectors.

WEBINAR | Technological trends and emerging technologies During the session we will focus on the technological macro trends that surround us today and we will delve into those that will make the difference…

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The Best Universities to Study Business Administration in Latin America

Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development – Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development

Select an option in the 3 fields to see the result: I am interested in: I am interested in: Developing new skills Broadening, deepening my knowledge Updating myself in a specific topic Starting my professional training I am looking for: I am looking for: Full-time program Part-time program On-site program Online program Focused on: With focus on: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Finance Management Leadership Leadership Marketing Organizations Sustainability Supply chain & technology

Race to ImagineInitiative that seeks students to propose innovative ideas from their knowledge and skills to help the organization, and thus build sustainable paths in this new normal.

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Best universities to study business administration in mexico

Internationalization is a fundamental component that permeates all the work of our school, from the training of students and alumni, academic work and research to the relationship with the community around us. Our dual degree programs in alliance with the most prestigious business schools are a reflection of our academic quality.

The circular economy ranges from the process of raw material selection to the use of the product in the hands of the final consumer. The waste emitted is the beginning of something new to transform the environment in an innovative and sustainable way.

Today, understanding the meaning of sustainability in business is a key pillar to give rise to new forms of innovation and is the basis for raising business with a positive impact on society. Humberto Nadal, CEO of Cementos Pacasmayo, tells us about business sustainability and how to make a company last over time.

CENTRUM Alumni is a space to maintain your contacts, form professional networks and share your knowledge with alumni and students. We promote this space with networking and integration activities, from the professional, academic, cultural, social and sports fields.

Best universities to study business administration in colombia

Our Multinational MBA is uniquely designed to train senior management in the 8 steps of the managerial process of generating and executing business strategies to rethink their business vision and improve decision making.

London School of Economics and Political Science is a global arena of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences, from economics and business to political science and sociology. LSE has the largest number of Nobel laureates in economics and its programs have trained more than 50 presidents and global leaders along with the largest number of billionaires in Europe.

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is the leading executive education center in Asia. Its programs train political and business leaders seeking to develop competencies to lead organizations increasingly exposed to China’s global prominence and leadership in the digital economy.

For years I had been interested in pursuing an MBA that would suit my needs and would not disrupt my normal work routine. After weighing several options, I chose the MMBA as the one that best met my expectations: its methodology, the quality of the professors, and the possibility of taking the modules in different countries have far exceeded what I expected from the MBA.