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Internationalization is a fundamental component that permeates all of our school’s activities, from student and alumni training, academic work and research to our relationship with the surrounding community. Our dual degree programs in alliance with the most prestigious business schools are a reflection of our academic quality.

Teamwork is the basis for achieving important recognitions in the business sector together with the vision of generating impact on society, so the fishing industry is currently regulated in favor of sustainability and the environment.

The transformation with respect to social and environmental issues are an essential part of connecting companies with the environments in which they operate and therefore in society. Through a process of reflection and analysis, entrepreneurs must be able to conduct business in a way that releases a positive impact on society, associated with the company’s activities.

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Are you a business enthusiast, a business consultant or a management expert looking for ways to increase and enhance your career prospects in business and management? Are you looking for the best business schools in your location or in the world? We curated a list of the best business schools in the world.

First, you will need to draw a clear outline of what you really want. Develop an intentional plan regarding what you want. Sit comfortably when you are in your calmest state of mind and make a list of all the business schools that are available to you. Carefully conduct your research.

Carefully compare and contrast, side by side, all the schools listed, their programs and the cost of running each program at each of the schools listed. Remember that a $5000 difference in tuition or other associated fees could mean a lot and could make a big difference.

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The CEU-Boston University Program is aimed at students from the Faculties of Economics and Business Administration, Law, Humanities and Communication Sciences at CEU San Pablo University who wish to acquire training in the world of business with a global focus. This program is an opportunity for the student to develop in one of the most recognized academic environments in the world.

Compatible DegreesTo participate in the CEU-Boston University Program, it is an indispensable condition to be enrolled as a student at CEU San Pablo University throughout the program. The following degrees are compatible with this IBP:

Boston University boasts 8 Nobel Prizes, 23 Pulitzer Prizes and the National Book Award, among others. It also boasts New York Times best-selling authors and hundreds of nationally renowned scholars in every discipline. It ranks among the world’s top universities in employability.

The Faculty – Metropolitan CollegeBoston University Metropolitan College (MET) was founded in 1965. For half a century, its mission has been to expand the influence of Boston University, ensuring that the resources of a leading research university are accessible to the community and the world through the exchange of ideas and a spirit of innovation.

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Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development – Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development

Select an option in the 3 fields to see the result: I am interested in: I am interested in: Developing new skills Broadening, deepening my knowledge Updating my knowledge in a specific topic Starting my professional training I am looking for: I am looking for: Full-time program Part-time program On-site program Online program Focused on: With focus on: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Finance Management Leadership Marketing Organizations Sustainability Supply chain & technology

Race to ImagineInitiative that seeks students to propose innovative ideas from their knowledge and skills to help the organization, and thus build sustainable paths in this new normal.

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