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In each category of these awards, a plaque or trophy and a diploma will be awarded. There will be sponsored categories in which financing will also be offered for the production of the project presented.

Likewise, an explanatory report justifying each candidacy, curriculum vitae and photographs of the filmmakers and the logo of the entity presenting the program or project must be attached for possible reproduction for the purpose of disseminating these awards.

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Universidad del valle de guatemalaaprivate university in guatemala city, guatemala

Each family is evaluated on the basis of financial aid need after completing the FAFSA. Academic scholarships are available for U.S. students enrolling full-time and for international students with 3.0 or higher on a cumulative normal grade point average (minimum SAT/ACT scores may apply).

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION The University of Tampa is committed to educating and preparing students for the demands of the 21st century (21). There is a diversity of students (representing all 50 states and 140 countries) which creates a dynamic environment in which to live and learn. Language study, study abroad, international guest lectures, global content courses, participation in the Harvard Model United Nations, and simulations in international content courses are just a few of the many ways that will connect you with people from around the world and from other cultures.

Audiovisual communication and advertising ceu

The great reception of the sector to this degree endorses the work of an active, experienced and committed teaching staff, which complements the theoretical training with practical work in classrooms, workshops and professional environments.

To offer this dual face-to-face model, CEU equips the classrooms of the faculties with the HyFlex system. A system to develop interactive sessions with students who are in the classroom and with those who participate live from home. In this way, everyone (wherever they are) participates in person in the class session. It is the new “double presence” that allows to be in physical presence or to be in interactive digital presence.

The student must be able to understand the role of communication in society and must have social, intellectual and technological concerns, as well as be aware of the current affairs around him and show interest in the new media and the challenges and innovations they pose.

Guillermo Fernández, a former student of Journalism and Digital Communication at San Pablo CEU University and community manager at Iberdrola, tells us about his time at the university and his professional career.


Protopia is the possible vision of a better future. Pro is the notion of progress + prototyping + process. Change before being forced to change. The agile startup culture is already part of many organizational dynamics of journalistic companies or with a necessary digital communication agenda. But nevertheless there is still a problem of lack of adaptation of human resources to new creative universes that involves making strategic decisions towards:

The map of digital counterculture has been and is much broader than the application of certain technologies to perform specific tasks. Digitalism has been from its origins a countercultural space, an ambitious conscience to transform industries, to transform the mechanisms of interaction between people, in short, to change the world thinking differently than previous generations. Innovation is not technology, it is culture, established in the organizational DNA as a coherent and constant process over time, where decision makers promote waves of transformation as a vision shared by all. With this academic proposal we want to foster that spirit.