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You will learn what artificial intelligence is, practical applications, techniques and you will deepen in many other aspects to train you through real cases of first level multinationals, using the most innovative tools that are handled in the sector.

The Master is aimed at technical profiles who want to adapt their knowledge to the current state of artificial intelligence and learn how to use it to create value within the company. It is also aimed at business profiles with professional experience in technology who want to experience first-hand the development process of an Artificial Intelligence project.

In the Master in Artificial Intelligence, you will have access to environments, tools and libraries to put into practice all the knowledge acquired, among others Anaconda, Python, Keras, TensorFlow, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, MapReduce, MySQL, MongoDB.

SyllabusWhat will you learn in the Master in Artificial Intelligence? In this Master you will learn through real cases. You will acquire the technical and practical knowledge necessary to lead projects based on machine learning and machine intelligence models.

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In my opinion, the ranking for normal careers of the ones that are used in this forum as the main parameter is the reputation that I myself perceive of them by the people I know and by their placement rate:

I think that the main difference between universities like CUNEF, ICADE, ESADE and others like UCM is the mentality of the students. When you arrive at ICADE you see people who in the first year already have things clear, they know the names of all the banks, consulting firms, processes and spring week, etc. While in Universities like Complutense (generalizing that I don’t want to) you see people in 4th year who still don’t know what it’s all about. Meanwhile, those in the previous universities have 3 internships and 100 hours of Networking.

As for Deusto, I think you have to clearly differentiate between DBS (San Sebastian Campus) and “La Comercial” (Bilbao Campus). The latter has always been very top (especially in Law) but personally I think they are lagging behind in the issue of opening up to the world and internationalization. For example, if you are a double degree student at Deusto (any of the campuses), you can go on exchange once you have finished your degree. That is to say, it is a vacation Erasmus since you already have the degree.

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The Munde program manages mobility with universities in countries not included in the Erasmus Program. The possibility of obtaining a scholarship or economic endowment and its amount depends in each case on the agreements with the universities, countries or entities that subscribe it.

The price also includes: weekly cleaning, sheets and towels, with change once a week, high speed Wifi in rooms and all the rooms of the residence, individual heating and cooling, etc.

In order for the discount to be applicable, students must enter the code when making their reservation. If you need any help in the reservation process, please write to indicating the reservation code.

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The Master of Computer Methods applied to Business Management (MIAGE) is a French university diploma at Master level, with competences in computer science and management, intended to train experts in engineering and information systems.

The professional aspect is a very important feature of the training, which is why it is customary to have external lecturers on the teaching staff, or to emphasize the experience of a professional internship or an in-company apprenticeship, part-time at the university, part-time in the company.[2] At the end of these courses, the students structure their training in a structure that is structured around the following

At the end of these courses, students structure and carry out increasingly complex and large-scale IT projects based on real cases comparable to those that each student will most likely face in the course of his or her professional life.

In Management Sciences, students also participate in a business game, where the life of a company is simulated, applying fictitious investments that are part of the game, which allows students to learn about the different constraints and problems that can be encountered when managing a company.