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With this preamble, if your desire is to become a Computer Engineer, here are a dozen prestigious U.S. educational institutions that offer courses with great popularity among local and foreign students:

This is the No. 1 university in the world for academic programs in Engineering and Technology. Its Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science offers renowned undergraduate courses such as: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and Computer Science and Molecular Biology. The M.S. in Engineering allows specialization in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Systems and Theory; as well as carrying out research projects.

It offers undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, computer engineering, biocomputing, human computation, graphics, systems, computational theory and many more. In addition, it has a special program called CURIS, which provides research opportunities for students during the summer.


The IEEE, created in 1963, is the largest association in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, whose objective is the advancement of technology and education in those areas, as well as in computer science and similar disciplines. The organization is composed of more than 423,000 members throughout more than 160 countries and produces 30% of the literature.

The researcher César Montenegro of the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG) research group was the winner of the “Aguathón”, a competition that seeks to model the behavior of the level of the Ebro River as it passes through the city of Zaragoza, based on the levels observed at the Ebro station in Tudela. A total of 89 groups have registered for the contest.

“The collaboration between the three entities has been very positive. Each of them has contributed the best of their knowledge on the subject and, in the end, the result has been very satisfactory because it represents a big step in the development of the Industry 4.0 concept and in the ‘collaborative robot’ project. The collaborative environment is becoming increasingly important worldwide, eliminating barriers in the work environment, and projects like this one highlight this new revolution in the work environment,” said Basilio Sierra, professor at the Faculty of Computer Science. The video shows the skills incorporated in the prototype.

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University rankings are ordered lists that classify higher education and research institutions by bibliometric, economic, social, transparency, other, or combinations of the above criteria.

Along with this general classification, in the specific ranking by subject ARWU-FIELD – Fields of Knowledge, the University of Valladolid stands out in a total of 4 specific fields of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences and Engineering.

This excellent result published in May 2021 also ranks the University of Valladolid as the most transparent university at the national level, improving on the second place achieved in January 2019 when it received the rating of 90.15% transparency points by Dyntra.

The University of Valladolid maintains its presence in the 2022 edition of the NTU ranking thanks to the result obtained in Agricultural Sciences. These results, however, do not allow it to appear in the world list of the ranking that has selected 1,016 universities. At the national level, 31 universities have been included in this edition. The Agricultural Sciences score improves slightly to 279 points.

Best computer science universities in usa del momento

ResourcesWe have computer labs with software according to the technological advances requested by companies and allows to improve software development skills. We have a specialized networking laboratory, with CISCO equipment, according to the standards required by Cisco Networking Academy. We have a specialized library, updated and with access to first level academic databases.

Agreements and membershipsCISCO, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Academy and PMI. See career achievements Accreditation information “The teaching system, adapted to the demands of the global labor market, provided me with the fundamental tools for my professional development. “Frank Flores Cornejo

To train professionals in Systems and Computer Engineering, with a high academic level and with the competencies to solve problems in their specialty, allowing them to adapt to the different technological changes through a culture of responsibility, analysis and permanent research.