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In addition, given the particularities of the degree, it could be beneficial for the student, in order to reinforce his motivation, a special interest in the national and global energy context, the environmental problem and a predisposition to acquire knowledge concepts and skills related to renewable energies and energy saving and efficiency.

New students, in order to continue their studies, and except in cases of cancellation of enrollment, must pass at least 12 first-year credits in the case of full-time enrollment, and 6 first-year credits in the case of part-time enrollment. For these purposes, the credits recognized will be counted as credits earned or passed.

Exceptionally, students who can prove the existence of special circumstances that have prevented them from pursuing their studies with sufficient dedication and achievement, may apply to the rector to continue their studies despite not having passed the minimum of 12 credits (full-time enrollment) or 6 credits (part-time enrollment). If the rector grants this possibility, students must register (for the second time in the corresponding subjects) in the following academic year.

Top Engineering Schools

1 Harvard University US 2 University of Cambridge UK 3 Yale University US 4 University College London UK 5 Imperial College London UK 5 University of Oxford UK 7 University of Chicago US 8 Princeton University


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2 Proud to be one UNAM, among the 75 best universities in the world T he National Autonomous University of Mexico, the largest and most prestigious educational institution in the country, with the longest tradition in the world, is one of the most prestigious in the world.

Agricultural Sciences OECD Area OECD Sub-area OECD Specialties Web of Science (WOS) 4.- Agricultural Sciences Agriculture, Multidisciplinary Agronomy Soil Science 4.1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Horticulture

Best engineering universities in the world

However this fad goes further and broader than the businesses that can be classified «engineering». Choosing the right engineering course and college can be difficult and it is crucial to understand which college is best for you while taking into consideration your academic background, future career goals and where you would like to specialize.

The demand for good engineers is high. In the finance, mechanical, IT and electronics sectors in particular, there is a shortage of chartered and incorporated engineers, and unemployment among professional engineers is lower than almost any other profession.

In the UK alone, the engineering-related industry contributes around 40% of its gross domestic product and is a key part of the national economy. From motor racing to domestic electrician, the role of the engineer is crucial. For anyone looking for a rewarding future with a wide variety of employment prospects, there has never been a more exciting time to embark on a career in engineering.

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The Technological University of Pereira, reached a cumulative score in the 5 variables 948.23 points; which represents a growth rate of 90% and climbed 15 positions considering that in 2019 when the previous version of the study was conducted, it occupied the 16th position with 212 points in total, and displaced the Simon Bolivar University of Barranquilla which moved to the second position.

Our challenge is to train leaders who adapt and solve new problems through innovation and entrepreneurship, with an ethical sense to provide creative solutions that generate shared value.

We highlight the coordinated work between the senior management team and the Vice Rector’s Office for Research, Innovation and Extension and the work carried out by the research groups, researchers, the editorial teams of the journals and the active master’s and doctoral programs of the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, since without their work, effort and dedication these results would not be possible.