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To offer this dual attendance model, CEU equips the classrooms of the faculties with the HyFlex system. A system to develop interactive sessions with students who are in the classroom and with those who participate live from home. In this way, everyone (wherever they are) participates in person in the class session. It is the new «double presence» that allows to be in physical presence or to be in interactive digital presence.

To define the ideal profile of new students wishing to access this degree, we take into account the final educational objectives that we intend to achieve in three aspects:

The Biomedical Engineering degree has an impact on the development of a series of competencies by our students that are crucial for their effective development in their professional career. Aware of their importance, in our University we make a notable and recognized effort to achieve them.

External academic internships are an indisputably effective way for labor market insertion. They are a beneficial instrument for the student, who has the opportunity to acquire skills and competencies that only a real work environment can provide. And they are equally so for companies and institutions, which can introduce into university education the knowledge that daily work requires, in addition to training candidates in accordance with their internal development needs, given that a high percentage of students who do internships are recruited by the entities themselves to cover their personnel needs.

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The Nanotechnology Engineering program in Medellín deals with the use, acquisition, development, implementation, evaluation, control or suggestion of the use, application, development or acquisition of materials or components that work on a nanometric scale with the fundamental purpose of generating permanent progress and value for the organization that produces, uses or commercializes it.

We are pioneers in ColombiaHerbert Kerguelén, director of the Nanotechnology Engineering program, presents some characteristics of this career and the reasons why you should be part of it.

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The City University of Hong Kong is organized into three colleges and four schools, including the College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, School of Creative Media, School of Energy and Environment, School of Law and School of Veterinary Medicine. It offers more than 50 undergraduate degree programs through its colleges and constituent schools. It also offers dual degree programs with world-renowned universities such as Columbia University. Graduate degree programs are offered by the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies.

The university has more than 80,000 graduates (since 1984), offering 100 different full-time and 86 part-time courses of study, covering undergraduate and graduate degrees (masters and doctorates).

Courses are taught entirely in English. Most of the students are from Hong Kong, with support for foreign students, and special support for mainland Chinese student programs.

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The combination between the technical preparation acquired in the different areas of Process Engineering, the professionalism applied in projects and the humanistic vision imparted through the Liberal Arts, forms capable professionals committed to personal, social and organizational improvement through entrepreneurship and productive development. Professionals able to solve problems and make decisions, with a deep critical thinking and sensitive to the social, economic and environmental reality in Ecuador and the world.

«Chemistry is an integral part of everything that surrounds us and is responsible for the continuous improvement of our quality of life. It is engineering, which by taking chemical principles to a large scale, has been an important part of that development.

I chose this career because it gives a holistic view of the industry and an infinite number of opportunities for specialization. Because of its versatility, I have been able to work in the pharmaceutical industry, research and even in the automotive field.