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The hybrid format allows students to personalize and make learning more flexible through continuous training. In the hybrid classroom model, technology is integrated as an element of the learning process that guarantees the continuity of training at all times.

Subjects or activities of free choice by the student to personalize a part of their master’s degree and thus complete their competency development. Students can choose subjects related or unrelated to their discipline, live an international experience or prepare for a certification.

The work is a real business project that is a challenge in which the student, in a transversal way, must demonstrate that the learning objectives have been met and that all the competencies acquired during the program have been developed.

The Master’s Final Project (TFM) involves the completion by students of an original Marketing Plan of a practical nature, under the supervision of a tutor, in which the contents acquired are applied and developed in the field of premium and luxury tourism.  The purpose is to demonstrate decision-making capacity, strengthen teamwork skills and the willingness to communicate the feasibility of a project. The TFM is done in a group and is defended before a panel composed of professors with professional experience and industry experts.

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«Today, openness and international collaboration in innovation are clearly under threat. Faced with unprecedented challenges, whether health, environmental, economic or social, the world needs to pool efforts and resources to ensure continued funding for innovation,» says Bruno Lanvin, executive director of Global Indices at INSEAD.

Israel is the world leader in several key indicators, such as researchers, R&D investment and university-business research collaboration. Thanks to this investment, Israel remains a major player in innovation, particularly in the area of ICT services exports.

Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are home to multinational companies that invest in R&D and are among the top ten middle-income economies in terms of the quality of innovation. Chile, Uruguay and Brazil produce a high level of scientific and technical articles, and Brazil also stands out in the area of patents.

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The Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management offers you the opportunity to spend a practical week in an international destination and experience first-hand the work in a hotel. You will live a fantastic experience as a future manager in the tourism and hospitality industry through practical tutorials in the different departments of the resort.

You will actively participate in interesting class discussions, sharing your opinions and debating innovative solutions to real problems in the hospitality industry – all with the supervision and advice of our experienced professors.

The Positive Impact Rating measures how business schools contribute to solving social challenges by energizing the school and its culture, developing responsible leaders and being an exemplary institution.

From day one you will be immersed in the world of tourism and hospitality. You will develop critical thinking skills to optimally analyze and solve the most demanding business situations. Thanks to expert faculty and carefully selected case studies, you will leave the Master’s program with a solid understanding of the latest professional practice and strategies to apply your knowledge effectively.

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It changes your life! We are the result of our experiences, the people we meet and the choices we make. Doing a cultural exchange changes you! Traveling, meeting people from other countries, getting to know how they live, their customs and their language is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and see the world from a broader perspective. And when our prejudices are gone, all the opportunities come.

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