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La piratería en la historia

Tiene por cometido regular el fletamento o el alquiler temporal de barcos de navegación interior, para viajes y transportes, asegurar la estricta observancia de los tipos de fletes fluviales y de los precios de alquiler de los barcos e intervenir o cooperar en cualesquiera otras

Tema del Intercambio Electrónico de Datos – el proceso por el cual se logra la comunicación relativa a los buques y sus cargas, un factor importante para unificar y mejorar los vínculos entre los puertos y en el proceso de transporte marítimo; también tiene importancia para una mejor identificación de los buques, con el objetivo de una mayor seguridad, etc. La construcción naval es un negocio cada vez más tecnificado: Más del 70% de su valor lo representan los equipos.

mejora de los vínculos entre los puertos y en el proceso del transporte; también representa una mejor identificación de los buques, dirigida a una mayor seguridad, etc. La construcción naval se convierte cada día más en un negocio de alta tecnología: más del 70% de su valor lo representa el equipamiento.

Entre ellos se encuentran la pesca, la aplicación de la UNCLOS, el impacto de las actividades terrestres en el medio ambiente marino, la seguridad marina y la contaminación causada por el transporte marítimo, las zonas marinas protegidas, los mecanismos regionales para una gestión eficaz de los océanos y las costas, la ciencia marina y la transferencia de tecnología, la coordinación de las Naciones Unidas

Maritime piracy today

The why has long been clear: geopolitical power and food security for China’s 1.4 billion people. As the U.S. Navy withdrew from West African and Middle Eastern waters, China has beefed up its fishing and naval presence. And in places like the South China Sea and the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic, China has laid claim to valuable shipping lanes as well as undersea oil and gas reserves.

«The scale and aggressiveness of its fleet puts China in the driver’s seat,» says Greg Poling, director of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, adding that few foreign countries have been willing to assert themselves against incursions by Chinese fishing vessels into their national waters.

The government also helps defray the cost of new engines, more durable steel hulls for trawlers, and armed security and medical vessels to be anchored in the fishing grounds, allowing fishing captains to stay at sea longer. Chinese fishermen also benefit from government-run fisheries intelligence that helps them find the most abundant waters.

Maritime piracy

A graduate of the School of Tourism Business Administration of the Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua (Panama), Karina has extensive experience in the business world. She has worked with companies of international projection, in the field of sales, logistics and customer service, experiences that have allowed her to develop her interpersonal skills in the world of business and entrepreneurship. She was selected in 2018 among numerous participants to be part of the female empowerment program Voces Vitales Panama. In this she had the opportunity to project herself professionally in the world of entrepreneurship, giving her the ability to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge within the world of e-commerce.

He has worked in prestigious local firms and different governmental entities. He is recognized for providing comprehensive business advice on labor and corporate issues, for which he usually manages with immigration and relocation solutions for clients or companies wishing to consolidate in Panama.

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Among other recognitions he has received in 2017 the John G. Moffat-Frank E. Nichol Harbor Coastal Engineering Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE «»for his internationally recognized contributions to coastal engineering, including the creation of one of the world’s most prestigious research centers, the development of numerical models widely used in the profession and the education and mentoring of future generations of coastal engineers worldwide», having been the first researcher to receive it working outside the USA since its creation in 1977. [1]

He has also received the King Jaume I Award for Environmental Protection (2018), «»For his significant contribution to the improvement of the environment, as well as to the fight against climate change. His studies on coastal dynamics lay the foundations for the protection of the coasts.»[2]