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«We were transforming math education and change is difficult and scary,» said Pariso, a math teacher in the Hueneme Elementary School District. «Especially if you don’t understand why that change needs to happen. But I didn’t expect it to go this far.»

«It’s not mandatory that he use the framework,» said framework team member Dianne Wilson, a program specialist in the Elk Grove Unified School District. «There is a concern that it will be implemented unevenly.»

«There’s a big problem with math instruction right now. The way things are set up doesn’t give everyone the opportunity to learn math at the highest level. «Rebecca Pariso, math teacher, Hueneme Elementary School District

District officials in the Cupertino Unified School District, for example, sent families a letter in May saying that, despite the state framework, it does not plan to «make changes to our math courses in the foreseeable future.»

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The Medicine degree of the UB (campus Clínic) is the best positioned. It is in fourth position with a cut-off mark of 13.240. After it, comes the one also offered by the UB, but on the Bellvitge campus (in 6th position with 13.086), followed (from 7th to 10th position) by the one offered at the UPF (13.080), UAB (12.895), URV (12.862), and UdG (12.848).

«With less preparation you get a better grade,» explained Pol Castellnou, manager of the Formació Miró academy, to La Vanguardia in June. «With this model, students can give up those subjects they are worse at, and they can automatically choose four of the six questions they do know.» In 2021, failures in the entrance exam fell by about 25% compared to 2015 and there was almost a threefold increase in the number of A’s. There were, in addition, some 31,000 more passes.

In the first allocation of places, 80.87% of future university students have already been assigned a study center (79.46% in 2021). Of these, 60.23% will be able to study the university degree in the center of their first choice (58.11% in 2021).

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These are problems that have a more geometric component, not just equations. The easiest example is the heat equation. You have a solid and you want to know how the heat is going to evolve. What I study is when there is a phase transition in between, like when you go from solid to liquid because there is an interface, a free boundary. An example would be melting ice, if you want to model how a melting iceberg is going to evolve. Whenever there is a transition from solid to liquid there is a free boundary. The heat equation alone no longer works for you.

To continue working at the highest possible level, proving interesting theorems, improving on what I am doing now, always as much as I can. And also contribute a little bit to the community, train new people, have PhD students….

There are people who underestimate them and others who overestimate them. The biggest problem is not understanding the algorithms. In the case of politics we may have underestimated them but in predicting finance or how the weather is going to be there are people who sometimes overestimate them. In finance there are very good mathematicians and they use algorithms and equations. But there are people who, if they don’t understand them, tend to overestimate them. I have friends who analyze big data. You need a good mathematician to do that because otherwise, if you have a statistical tool or an algorithm that gives you information but the person using it does not understand it, it can be used very badly.