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Founded jointly by the Nationalists and the Communists in 1922, the original cause of Shanghai University was to train leaders for the Chinese revolution. It contributed a group of influential people to the cause of China’s liberation and development.[4] The university was suspended in 1927 as a result of the Shanghai Massacre, in which the Nationalists purged all communist-related organizations. In 1983, the Chinese government reopened Shanghai University. And then in 1994, by integrating three other universities, it became the largest institution of higher education administered by Shanghai Municipality.[4][5] As of 2018, SHU enrolls 19,934 undergraduate students and 16,954 graduate students, including 4,505 international students.[6]

Shanghai University’s annual research funding amounted to US$505.3 million in 2018, making it a research-intensive comprehensive university.[7] It has two undergraduate colleges and five broad academic divisions (Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Management, and Fine Arts), containing 29 schools or departments.

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Created for the formation of professionals of the XXI century, it is based on the rich pedagogical tradition of the Escuela Modelo, based on the fundamental principle of respect for the person. This is conceived as a being in relationship, which is constituted in life and for life, through dialogue, service and qualities towards the human and natural environment.

To this end, our university fosters an environment of tolerance that allows the richness of the diversity of thoughts and feelings in ideas, beliefs and customs, without undermining the ethical coexistence and school order and discipline that facilitate individual and community growth. The University maintains as a seal of identity secularism, a fundamental pedagogical principle that guarantees the freedom of conscience from which the human rights and individual and social guarantees of the entire democratic and pluralistic community derive.

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you most cordially to this, your house of studies, and to convey to you my highest commitment to work so that here you will find the ideal space where you can develop your academic and personal formation.

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This double degree is closely linked to innovation in business and industry. On the one hand, the Degree in Business Administration and Management provides the tools and knowledge to manage, organize and direct a company or organization, and to start up a business project. On the other hand, the Degree in Mechanical Engineering enables students to plan, develop, direct, execute and exploit technical projects in the field of industrial engineering, in general, and mechanical engineering, in particular, with the professional attributions of Industrial Technical Engineering.

If you are a creative person, have numerical skills, abstract understanding, logical reasoning and interest in the business world and the economic and social reality, your best option is the double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration and Management.

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You’ll learn from MIT’s No. 1 program and gain in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, process control, production flow, supply chain and basic finance in a manufacturing company.

The MicroMasters® Program is a series of specialized online graduate courses from the world’s top universities to help you advance your career. MicroMasters® Programs provide in-depth learning in a specific career field and are recognized by employers for their real-world job relevance. Upon successful completion of a MicroMasters® Program, you earn educational credits toward a master’s degree.

To enroll and make payments, you must do it from the edX platform, at the following link and follow the instructions that will be presented to you.

The virtual methodology of the program offers flexibility of schedule, allowing you to choose the most appropriate time and day. The program is composed of 8 courses with a duration of 4 to 8 weeks per course.    An effort of 3 to 5 hours per week is recommended. And a final exam that is taken virtually.