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This helpline is possible because Cecilia has given up half of the profits she is entitled to from the Ecce Homo intellectual property. It was not an easy decision. First it was necessary to put an end to the war that had been created between the two families at odds over the Ecce Homo case: the heirs of Elías García Giménez and those of Cecilia Giménez. The success of one happened at the cost of the destruction of the other’s work. «They didn’t speak to each other,» says the mayor, socialist Eduardo Arilla. He tells it and breathes a sigh of relief. It was a pending issue that had divided the town. «It was the first thing we did when we became mayor. We met with them at the town hall to turn around a situation, which seemed to have no solution,» says Arilla.

The shade of huge trees cool the first days of a summer that aims to suffocate. They also shelter a meal of almost 200 retired neighbors. They have made «rancho» and are eating for one euro a generous plate of potatoes with meat. The stage is empty, but the loudspeakers are blaring a pasodoble. After dessert there will be bingo. Cecilia Giménez still has no street in Borja, but there are already those who think that this square would be a good recognition of her work.

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The facilities will have 6 units of kindergarten, 12 of primary education and a dining room for 400 people in two shifts and a gymnasium and will be built on the plot of the current center, which will be demolished/ The current building dates from 1962.

The center will have a total built area of 4,595 square meters, on a plot of just over 6,000 square meters and a bidding budget of 7.6 million euros (VAT included), which includes the demolition of the current center.

The execution period is fifteen months once the works are contracted, although the companies could reduce this period in their bids. The presentation of bids and opening of envelopes will take place in the month of August, and if there are no incidents in the evaluation and formalization -resources- the work could be awarded by the end of September.

The first buildings of the Colegio Inmaculada date from 1962. A good part of the center has been shored up since 2018. The school community managed to keep the new school project on its current plot in the town center.