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The appropriation of diverse image production techniques allows them to create high quality graphic interfaces, visualizations and multimedia content; and algorithmic thinking and logical-mathematical principles are the key to face data analysis, problem solving and learning different programming languages.

Because it is a profession of growing demand due to the continuous expansion of the software and IT industry, which represents at least 15% of the world’s GDP. It is expected that by 2025 this industry will represent 5% of the GDP and 30% of Colombia’s total exports (Fedesoft).

«Doing my international academic exchange in a country like Finland has been an exceptional experience. Having the opportunity to take classes in one of the best universities in this country, to meet many people from different cultures and to live so many experiences inside and outside the campus has been extremely valuable and enriching for my personal and professional formation» – Nicolas Penagos, University of Turku – Finland (2022)

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We offer programs where you will acquire solid knowledge, strengthen communication skills, critical thinking, analysis and research, and receive an integral humanistic education.

We firmly believe that each student should take responsibility for the acquisition of their knowledge and professional training through a commitment to their own personal development. The College’s faculty are committed to a liberal arts-based education that offers students diverse possibilities for creative expression and critical thinking. In COCOA majors, students experience their creativity through the use of cutting-edge technology and pursue entrepreneurial activities through the resources and contacts they acquire in their fields of study. Finally, we believe that our academic community has a duty to create a positive impact on Ecuadorian society.

At the College of Communication and Contemporary Arts we believe that our members should be opinion leaders, producers of the most relevant and influential works in their areas of action, and promoters of alliances between industry and academia.    We aspire to be an example of excellence in the country’s education.

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Vídeo: Concierto para celebrar los cumpleaños de Astor Piazzolla y Aydar Gaynullin (bayán) con la interpretación de Happy Birthday y «Libertango» con Artyom Dervoed (guitarra), Sergey Shamov (percusión). Vladislav Lavrik (director y trompeta) actuó con la Orquesta Nacional Rusa en la Sala de Conciertos Tchaikovsky.Aydar Gaynullin dice «¡Astor Piazzolla cumple hoy 100 años! El hombre que elevó el género del tango al más alto nivel, dando al mundo una música increíblemente emotiva y apasionada! Desgraciadamente, nuestro concierto de 2021 en la Filarmónica de Berlín fue cancelado debido a la pandemia, pero este vídeo de enero de 2020 es especialmente importante para mí, porque celebrar mi cumpleaños junto con el aniversario del Gran Astor – ¡vale mucho!» Compartir

Vídeo: Deje que se cargue el vídeo de gran tamaño. Comienza a los 4 minutos.El bandoneonista Daniel Binelli y el guitarrista César Angeleri llevan más de dos décadas trabajando juntos. Este vídeo es de su concierto para celebrar el centenario del nacimiento de Piazzolla en el Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires (Argentina) esta semana.Su programa incluyó clásicos de Piazzolla como «Chiquilín de Bachín» y «Adiós Nonino». Compartir

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Edith Cowan University was established in 1980 was established in 1980 to offer comparable performing arts classes of the highest caliber of national and international benchmark training to meet the needs of the industry worldwide. Originally a State Government initiative, the Academy receives funding from both State and Commonwealth governments.

Fully equipped broadcasting facilities and television and radio studios. It has created an environment where broadcasting students can gain work experience within a media environment.