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In its inaugural season, starting in April 2018 until July, 7 teams participated: Austin Elite, Glendale Raptors, Houston SaberCats, New Orleans Gold, San Diego Legion, Seattle Seawolves and Utah Warriors.

In the 2019 Rugby World Cup, 31 players from the league were called up by the teams participating in the championship, eleven by the United States national team, ten by Canada, nine by Uruguay and one by Tonga.[3] In the 2020 season, 31 players were called up by the teams participating in the tournament.

In the 2020 season 3 new teams joined the competition: the New England Free Jacks from Massachusetts, Rugby ATL from Georgia and Old Glory DC from Washington D. C. reaching twelve franchises. There was a name change: Austin Herd was renamed Austin Gilgronis.

For the 2021 edition, two franchises will be added: the Dallas Jackals as the third Texas and Los Angeles Giltinis as the second California, reaching thirteen. The western conference becomes the most numerous (7).

Originally there were 7 and currently there are 13 teams. Following the example of the other more traditional and important American leagues such as Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), the MLR allows the participation of professional teams from Canada, an item in which only the National Football League (NFL) has the exception to the rule.

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A combination of fascinating and cosmopolitan heritages has made the United Kingdom – with Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland – one of the most popular destinations for international students. Studying in England promises a rich experience and an excellent opportunity to enhance university prospects at a high level of higher education. Study in a vibrant city, whether taking an English course in London or studying a postgraduate degree in Oxford, and experience the best of student life abroad.

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La Universidad de Davenport es una universidad privada, sin ánimo de lucro y con múltiples sedes, con campus en todo Michigan y en línea. Fue fundada en 1866 por Conrad Swensburg y en la actualidad ofrece grados de asociado, licenciatura y máster, diplomas y programas de certificación de posgrado en negocios, tecnología, profesiones de la salud y estudios de posgrado (MBA).

Davenport es miembro de la Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) y de la National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Además de los campeonatos nacionales por equipos en animación competitiva, hockey, lacrosse, rugby y fútbol, además de los campeonatos individuales en atletismo, los 34 equipos masculinos y femeninos de Davenport incluyen béisbol, baloncesto, bolos, campo a través, danza, golf, softball, tenis, voleibol y lucha. El equipo de fútbol de Davenport comenzará a competir en 2016.

Al solicitar la admisión a la Universidad de Davenport en Estados Unidos debes preparar todos los documentos requeridos. Solicita una lista de los documentos necesarios directamente a la universidad, ya que puede variar según el país. A través de nuestro chat en vivo, también puedes pedir documentos de muestra.