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In particular, support was provided to the university most affected by the conflict in Gaza, the Islamic University, so that end-of-semester exams could be held at the University, even if late, and so that it could continue to offer its courses.

The organizations have had difficulty keeping up, but it is essential that they have a good information systems strategy and prioritization in this area in order to strengthen overall management services and their responsiveness, improve information systems and improve the quality of information systems.

The organizations have had difficulty keeping up, but a sound information systems strategy and priority work in this area are essential to allow them to strengthen overall management and responsiveness,

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Systems engineering and computer science universities

Strong background in data science, engineering and computer science, as well as in management of computer systems and processes, which allow innovation and entrepreneurship, both inside and outside an organization.

Engineers capable of solving adaptive challenges by creatively using intelligent and innovative technologies that allow leading changes in organizations for a sustainable development of society.

In order to have the best engineering program in the country, the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences has provided various alternatives that enable students to obtain their professional degree.

Career certified after May 29, 2018. According to Law 21.091 of Higher Education, careers with voluntary accreditation can only be re-accredited after 2025.

Systems and computer engineering how much you earn

The Master’s Degree in Computer Security of the University of Jaen is an official postgraduate degree that covers the great need of the national and international market for professionals in information security, who are able to protect computer systems and networks of companies against the countless threats to which they are continually exposed.

All subjects are taught in Spanish. Some of them have help in English within the PATIE program of the University of Jaen (see conditions and list of subjects in the following link).

You can also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training offered by the University of Jaén and all the activities oriented to improve your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides associated with this degree.

The first days of each new academic year, the University of Jaén organizes a Welcome Conference for new students. These general days are complemented with a day specifically oriented to the students of each master’s degree in which, before the beginning of classes, the direction of the Center carries out a reception and orientation day aimed at new students in order to show the resources, tools and materials that both the University of Jaén and the master’s degree put at their disposal. Detailed information is also provided on specific aspects of the degree (professors, tutors, coordinators, contents, schedules, methodologies, work rhythms, materials, use of the virtual platform, teaching spaces, etc.).

Continental University careers

The Degree in Software Engineering is fully in line with the Agreement of the Council of Universities (B.O.E. August 4, 2009), which establishes recommendations for the proposal of official degrees in the field of Technical Computer Engineering.

The Faculty of Computer Science, located on the Moncloa campus, and connected to the Ciudad Universitaria metro station via the EMT bus line U, has the material resources and key services that allow the proper delivery of all planned training activities: classrooms, library, auditorium, lecture hall, lecture hall, undergraduate classroom, research laboratories and teaching laboratories, WiFi network, cafeteria, self-service cafeteria, etc.