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The municipal president, Cruz Pérez Cuéllar, appointed those who will head the Directorates of Civic Justice, Human Rights, Commercial Regulation and the Deputy Directorate of Commerce in the 2021-2024 City Hall, announced the secretary of the City Hall, Héctor Ortiz Orpinel.

These are Jorge Salomé Bissuet Galarza, who was appointed director of Civic Justice; Santiago González Reyes, head of the Human Rights Department; Daniel Pando Morales, as director of Commercial Regulation; and Sandra Marbel Valenzuela Martínez, who was appointed deputy director of Commerce.

These agencies are under the coordination of the Secretary of the City Council, whose head welcomed the new officials and instructed them to serve the people of Juarez and to achieve the best results that contribute to the transformation of Ciudad Juarez.

He indicated that in the case of Commercial Regulation, it includes the updating of the list of informal merchants and an analysis that includes the situation of the permits without implying that a charge will be applied.

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La Justicia Restaurativa Juvenil ha sido implementada en los países de Europa Occidental desde hace más de treinta años; este aspecto nos permite visualizar y aprender de ellos sobre los éxitos y fracasos que tuvieron que enfrentar en la implementación de prácticas de Justicia Restaurativa Juvenil. Este estudio comparativo analiza la implementación de la Justicia Restaurativa (JR) en los sistemas de justicia juvenil, y la participación de los jóvenes infractores en estos procesos en Suecia, Inglaterra, Italia y Chile. Se realizaron entrevistas semiestructuradas con profesionales de cada país, para comprender mejor sus experiencias con las políticas y prácticas restaurativas. Los resultados muestran cómo cada país ha implementado la justicia restaurativa juvenil dentro de un marco judicial diferente. Una de las principales barreras que tuvieron que enfrentar durante su implementación fue que los diferentes actores del sistema de justicia juvenil debían visualizar el significado de la justicia restaurativa y tener la intención de involucrar a los jóvenes en estas prácticas. Estos resultados nos dan un punto de referencia para que un país como Chile, que está en sus primeras etapas de desarrollo de políticas y prácticas relacionadas con la justicia restaurativa, pueda aprovechar las fortalezas de estos otros marcos.

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The Inspector General submits reports to the Secretary General on audits, investigations, and inspections. These reports are available to the Permanent Council. More information can be found here.

Here you will find information related to GS/OAS procurement operations, including a list of procurement notices and formal bids, links to contract reports and travel action control reports, applicable procurement rules and regulations, and the training and qualifications of procurement staff.

The OAS Treasurer certifies the financial statements of all funds administered by the GS/OAS. Here you will find the most recent general purpose financial reports for the major OAS funds, as well as the OAS Quarterly Financial Reports (QFRs).

The objective is to strengthen the human and professional capacity of citizens or permanent residents of OAS member states. The objective is to strengthen human and institutional capacity and foster integral development throughout the Hemisphere.

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This week we will explore economic justice, which impacts every aspect of our lives from employment, housing, education, food security, health, and the mortality rate for African Americans and other races of color. Today we will take a look at history to learn how the origins of wealth in the United States are based on the slave economy and the negative impact it has had on people of color in the country.

OPTION 2. The study of slavery is one of the most controversial topics in contemporary America. But often this history is distorted from across the spectrum to score political points. To understand the complexity of such an institution, we must desist from underestimating the role of minorities such as African Americans and Native Americans in it. (READ)

OPTION 3. Nearly a century after the murder of Will Brown at the hands of a group of white people, we are reminded of the wave of racial and labor violence that swept the United States during the “Red Summer” of 1919. (READ)