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Best Business Administration Universities in Colombia

Their skills for the development of models, the management of programming languages linked to Data Science and Business Analytics enable them to follow, evaluate and improve decision making in the economic, financial and business fields.

The degree is based on the scientific study, both theoretical and quantitative, of micro and macro economic phenomena. Our curriculum develops an educational sequence similar to that of the most renowned universities in the world. The training is structured along the following lines: microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, microeconomics and applied macroeconomics, statistics and econometrics, mathematics, financial mathematics and finance.

The final graduation degrees are:  Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics oriented Finance and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics oriented Business Economics. In addition, the degree has a specialization in Data Science.

Best Business Administration Universities in Argentina

In Life Sciences and Medicine, the ranking includes 9 sub-areas or specific subjects: Agriculture and Forestry, Anatomy and Physiology, Biological Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Veterinary Medicine.

In the following table you can find out which are the three best-ranked universities in each subarea of Life Sciences and Medicine, as well as their position worldwide (which will appear in parentheses next to each university).

The top three universities to pursue degrees related to medicine and life sciences are, in descending order: Harvard University (United States); University of Oxford (United Kingdom); and Stanford University (United States).

The UB is also among the top 50 universities in the world in the subfields of Anatomy and Physiology (35th in the world), Library and Information Management (37th) and Philosophy (46th).

To draw up the ranking, the QS consulting firm analyzed the universities in each of these areas of knowledge by evaluating four aspects: academic reputation and that of employers, citations of research articles and the so-called H Index, which assesses the productivity and impact of researchers.

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Founded in 1746, initially as the College of New Jersey, it is currently the most important private university in the United States and a member of the Ivy League, a prestigious academic association to which the most renowned American universities belong.

Located in the city of Princeton, in the state of New Jersey, just halfway between the cities of New York and Philadelphia. It has an extensive campus with easily accessible residence buildings within walking distance of each other.

It has a population of more than 6,500 students from all over the United States and from more than 57 foreign countries. International students (5% of the total student population) are provided with on-campus advising services. 892 academic faculties and a large library with more than 5 million books are some of the references of this important house of studies.

Princenton University offers academic programs for undergraduate and graduate studies in the following areas of knowledge: Humanities, Arts, Architecture, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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The Master’s Degree in Economics at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata provides a solid academic training through theoretical and applied analysis of economic issues, deepening the knowledge acquired during undergraduate studies and introducing students to frontier research areas. The Master’s Degree also encourages students to develop the skills required for the production of rigorous and original research papers.

The graduate program is aimed at economists and other professionals with a solid knowledge of Economics, Statistics and Mathematics, who wish to develop their careers in the academic, business or governmental spheres.