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Higher Education In English We have a wide portfolio of representations in the world, with Universities and Colleges, to study a Certificate, Diploma, Postgraduate or Master’s Degree, with international recognition and some with internship included (Co-op).

We are founding members of TEAM ALLIANCE, a union of agencies in Colombia and other countries, for collaboration, in PRO of the student to offer reliable and quality experiences abroad.

We belong to TEAM ALLIANCE, which provides students who benefit from finding greater added value and a wider portfolio of options to study abroad or to undertake a cultural exchange abroad, being served by experienced agents who are passionate about international education.

Guarantee and Seriousness We want our clients to be treated as our own family, with clarity, patience and without hidden costs, transparency and sincerity are our most important values to offer professionalism in the contact with the students, so we guarantee that what is said is completely fulfilled before traveling and after arriving at the destination.

Best Universities to Study English in the United States

Our teachers and staff, trained in the English Language Programme (ELP) methodology, are dedicated to ensuring that our clients at all skill levels receive quality training. Our active learning strategy helps our clients think in English, speak English and write English in an environment based on real-world scenarios.

In an interview with the CBC, Tax Minister Diane Lebouthillier shares her immersion experience with reporter Jacques Poitras. In it, she describes the exhaustion she felt after a day of living and learning in English, leading the reporter to call the ELP an “intensive English camp.”

University of Valencia

To apply for online counseling you must complete the first step which is to create your LC User, then you must follow with the next step of completing your profile on our study platform, once you have completed your profile you will continue to the third step where you will share your interest in counseling.

LC Mundo provided us with clear advice on the process we should follow and the expectations we should have. That clarity optimized our college application process in Toronto and we are now very satisfied with what we achieved.

“@GSL_berlin has treated me fantastically from the first minute I arrived. I have learned to be more patient, more transparent, sweeter. I’ve met wonderful people who have made me happy and changed my world and perspective towards it.”

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, announced a new measure allowing international students with off-campus work authorization to work more than 20 hours per week.

University carlos iii of madrid

”With time on my hands to find a college, Student Pathways quickly gave me several options for my career. My advisor was always objective and kind to answer all my doubts. With her guidance we found the ideal course and the enrollment process was easy and smooth. I appreciate the professionalism with which I was attended to.

”My experience with this agency was wonderful, they took care of everything!!!! Very professional with all my paperwork which was a bit delicate but it was very well done and now I have my Study Permit with everything I need to start studying.

I decided to go with Student Pathways to avoid risking my life project in Canada. I came to Student Pathways through a friend’s recommendation. Now I also sincerely recommend them. The process to come to study in Canada is not easy if you want to find the exact program for your career and also to help you obtain citizenship. Throughout the whole process they gave me a lot of confidence because they know a lot about universities and visas. They have all the necessary services to be able to immigrate as a student to Canada. THANK YOU!!!”