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The main objective of this degree is to train you for the professional practice of accounting and financial profiles with a global knowledge of the areas related to the company and a solid training in other areas of knowledge, as well as the ability to lead the development of projects, adapt efficiently to a changing environment and provide you with basic skills in computer science and English.

You can also take advantage of the complementary transversal and unique training of the University of Jaén and all the activities oriented to improve your personal and professional projection that the UJA provides associated with this degree.

In addition to the specified resources, the University of Jaén has additional material resources and services that can be grouped into three large blocks that deserve special mention: Library, ICTs and universal accessibility services and services for students with disabilities.

Here you will find the fundamental details and all the necessary links to know the organization of your degree, summarizing and complementing the description contained in the degree report, where you can find additional information.

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Master in Finance participants learn to evaluate investment opportunities and perform financial analysis before developing the tools to perform complex valuations, understand the mergers and acquisitions process, manage the risks associated with financial instruments and manage investment portfolios. In the third quarter, students have the opportunity to specialize in strategic tracks: corporate finance or investment banking.

All of this, combined with our executive professional development program at the residential training campus, provides Master in Finance participants with the critical thinking and leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s global business world.

You’ll actively participate in engaging class discussions, sharing your opinions and debating innovative solutions to real-life business problems – all with the supervision and advice of our experienced faculty.

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Our faculty is made up of more than 40 professors and researchers, 70% of them with PhD, who collaborate in teaching and research with the most prestigious schools worldwide and more than 100 guest professors, 100% with managerial and international experience.

Note: to apply to our master’s degree programs, it is recommended to have an instrumental knowledge of English (reading comprehension), since most of the materials used in classes are worked in this language.

We have a wide variety of courses, programs, diplomas and certificates in our branches. We invite you to fill out this form to provide you with all the information you need and advise you in the best way.

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Internationalization is a fundamental component that permeates all the work of our school, from the training of students and alumni, academic work and research to the relationship with the community around us. Our dual degree programs in alliance with the most prestigious business schools are a reflection of our academic quality.

Teamwork is the basis for achieving important recognitions in the business sector together with the vision of generating impact on society, so the fishing industry is currently regulated in favor of sustainability and the environment.

The transformation with respect to social and environmental issues are an essential part of connecting companies with the environments in which they operate and therefore in society. Through a process of reflection and analysis, entrepreneurs must be able to conduct business in a way that releases a positive impact on society, associated with the company’s activities.