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Our students learn what they need and not what they already know. This fundamental premise allows students enrolled in our distance learning higher education programs to save time, effort and money. Our higher education degrees for adults are practical, motivating, and continually updated. Learn more…

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Doctorate in Administration Universidad de Manizales

A doctorate is the highest degree that can be obtained. This higher degree, granted by a university, is an endorsement for the person who has obtained it, with respect to a specific topic, since it accredits him/her as an expert in the subject.

This type of program is a training process in which students follow a strict didactic and scientific path, which includes direct participation in research work and seminars, among others.

“Our doctoral programs require that the person has a stronger and more concrete dedication to the development of knowledge in a specific area,” explains Dr. Jorge Iván Echeverría, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Industry.

How long does a Ph.D. last in the U.S.?

Welcome to MIT! We hope this page helps everyone who wants to learn more about our dynamic, diverse, and compassionate community. Here you will find information on the history of the Institute, our academic program, and our generous financial aid program.

MIT is known for its innovative community of students, researchers, and creators who use their skills to improve the world. We believe it is crucial to educate people from all walks of life to provide solutions that benefit all communities.  That is evident through our extraordinary diversity.

There is no majority ethnic background; 56% of our students are from historically underrepresented minorities. Foreign nationals represent 10% of MIT’s students. We have students from all 50 states and 131 foreign countries.

In our humble opinion, this is the best place to study. We are a research-focused university that places great importance on undergraduate education. Among other scholars, we have a number of distinguished faculty members: 23 MacArthur Genius Grant winners, 11 Nobel laureates, and 1 Pulitzer Prize winner are currently on our faculty. And all of them teach undergraduate students.

Doctorate in Administration uniandes

Finances up to USD $50,000 for Colombian professionals to pursue graduate and doctoral studies at the best universities in the world, with a maximum of 80% remission for those who return to the country.

Allows students and professionals to improve their English, French or German academic and work skills at leading universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Germany.

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