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The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations aims to train experts and professionals capable of understanding and analyzing global politics in all its complexity.

These studies recognize the dynamization of globalization processes that made it necessary to overcome the statocentric logic of the discipline of International Relations, and the exclusively «inward» look of Political Science; to make room for new and complex realities that make all «acting local» implies a «thinking global»; forcing these two disciplines to have more and more shared interests and themes, and consequently, it is appropriate to speak of a program of Political Science and International Relations, which takes the most relevant and complementary of each of these disciplines.

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The 4 Universities Alliance presents an outstanding academic novelty for the 2020-2021 academic year: the new Bachelor’s Degree in Science, which will be taught halfway between Barcelona and Madrid. The teaching in Madrid will be divided between UAM and UC3M, while the teaching in Barcelona will be given entirely at the UAM…

Olga Belova2021-01-25 14:01:512021-03-25 15:47:48Erasmus+ mobility now possible with more non-European countries5 November, 2019Under the framework of the Erasmus+ program the Alliance 4 Universities has launched a call for students, PhD and Teaching staff for a mobility scheme between the universities of tha A4U and, Russia and South Africa.

Olga Belova2019-11-05 11:11:382021-01-25 10:47:11More Erasmus+ funds for non-European mobility10 May, 2018Under the framework of the Erasmus+ program the Alliance 4 Universities has launched a call for mobility grants for students, PhD students and teaching staff for mobilities between the universities of the A4U and, Russia and South Africa.

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If you aspire to study a university career in Argentina and you are interested in International Relations, there are universities that offer this career. Professionals in this area should be able to carry out deep and critical analysis of global policies.

They should be able to take into account all relevant aspects of relations between countries in a globalized world. Highlighting the economic, commercial, social and political issues of all countries on the international board.

It has been among the best universities in Argentina since its foundation. It is private and is located in Buenos Aires. An interesting point about it is that you can opt for the face-to-face or remote mode, either of the two are paid.

It is located in Buenos Aires, it has short and long term modalities. It is a private university. There you will be able to study International Relations, it has great prestige since its foundation.

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A graduate in International Relations is qualified to plan and evaluate foreign policy using techniques of analysis and negotiation on international political and economic configurations.

Last Monday, September 19, the lecture «The construction of a state environmental policy as a global challenge» organized by the International Relations career took place. It was attended by the National Senator Gladys González, the Minister of Environment of the Province of Buenos Aires, Daniela Vilar and the Director of International Relations of the National Senate, Franco Metaza, who moderated the meeting.